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The World's Number 1 Website For Finding Wildlife Accommodations

As professional wildlife and birdwatching guides we have travelled the world and stayed in every sort of accommodation imaginable. Our experiences over the last 20 years have led us to not only be ranked among the very best of guides with a worldwide knowledge of wildlife, we have also become lodge and guide consultants, helping each to improve their profiles which in turn will help both accommodations and guides to provide the best possible experience to the increasing number of individual and group nature travellers.

With many more people confident to search the web and book themselves a wildlife holiday we have used our years of experience and worldwide contacts to create the world’s only web-site that is fully dedicated to help birdwatchers and nature lovers find the accommodation they desire to see the wildlife they seek.

A site designed by professional naturalists for wildlife travellers.

Throughout the World nature tourism has been growing in popularity. As species become extinct and more and more people show concerns about what will be left, so the quest to see and experience the nature of our fantastic planet has increased. Millions of people now forgo the package holiday on the beach and instead actively seek to trek through jungles, take boats into the Amazon, dive the coral reefs and look for wildlife in remote and stunningly beautiful areas of the world once only accessible by the hardiest explorers and scientists. The word eco-tourism has nowadays been corrupt by establishments that want to have this name associate with them yet offer or do nothing to help conservation, so for want of a more accurate word we will call it “nature-tourism”. Nature-tourism conducted right can encourage and teach people to appreciate all aspects of nature and this in itself will hopefully encourage people to understand the need to protect what few wild areas we have left.

Nature-tourism has great benefits for local communities and villages where life has been tough. With encouragement these locals can now become guides, and guardians of a new future. New lodges can help bring work and prosperity and hunters become protectors.

The promotion of conservation through tourism is well established in many countries yet brand new to others. With the help of our web-site we hope to direct you to the places that matter, the places that are working hard to preserve our beautiful nature and the places that are encouraging and nurturing local people to look after and safe guard all that is wild.

For the nature traveller we ask that you use our site wisely and conservation will benefit.

For the lodge owners who want to be seen to do the right thing and attract nature-tourism we have developed this site specifically for you. At the end of the day this will be the top rated web-site that all wildlife watchers and naturalist will come to to find their perfect place to stay.

The World’s No1 Website for Finding Wildlife Accommodation