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Amboro Eco Resort, Amboro National Park, Bolivia

Top 10 Species

1Andean Cock-of-the-rockRupicola peruvianus2-10km
2White-bellied HummingbirdAmazilia chionogaster2-10km
3Horned CurassowPauxi unicornis2-10km
4Spectacled OwlPulsatrix perspicillata2-10km
5Military MacawAra militaris2-10km
6White-throated ToucanRamphastos tucanus2-10km
7Green-cheeked ParakeetPyrrhura molinae2-10km
8Paradise TanagerTangara chilensis2-10km
9King VultureSarcoramphus papa2-10km
10Mitred ParakeetPsittacara mitratus2-10km

Amboro Eco Resort

In the vicinity of the traditional and picturesque village of Buena Vista (Province Ichilo) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia and facing the majestic Amboró National Park, a fine country inn is born in the middle of the jungle.

To our visitors, we open the doors and the heart wide with a hotel infrastructure to please a fine clientele, demanding and with great affinity for nature.

Our rustic environments, although of genuine good taste, make the guest feel the warmth of the tradition and the magic of the culture of the men of the plain.

Amboro National Park is home to huge amount of bird species, the area has more than 800 species in it. Some of the species here include Andean Cock-of-the-rock and Cuvier Toucan.

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