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Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge, Trinidad, Caribbean Islands

Top 63 Species

1Bearded BellbirdProcnias averanoAll Year1km
2Trinidad MotmotMomotus bahamensis2-10km
3Tufted CoquetteLophornis ornatus2-10km
4Trinidad Piping GuanPipile pipileAll Year11-50km
5Golden-headed ManakinDixiphia erythrocephalaAll Year1km
6OilbirdSteatornis caripensisAll Year2-10km
7White-bearded ManakinManacus manacusAll Year1km
8Copper-rumped HummingbirdAmazilia tobaci2-10km
9Scarlet IbisEudocimus ruber2-10km
10Little TinamouCrypturellus soui2-10km
11Purple HoneycreeperCyanerpes caeruleus2-10km
12Green HoneycreeperChlorophanes spiza2-10km
13Ruby-topaz HummingbirdChrysolampis mosquitus2-10km
14Brown VioletearColibri delphinae2-10km
15Long-billed StarthroatHeliomaster longirostris2-10km
16Green-throated MangoAnthracothorax viridigula2-10km
17Pinnated BitternBotaurus pinnatus2-10km
18Boat-billed HeronCochlearius cochlearius2-10km
19Pearl KiteGampsonyx swainsonii2-10km
20Black Hawk-eagleSpizaetus tyrannus2-10km
21Ornate Hawk-eagleSpizaetus ornatus2-10km
22Long-winged HarrierCircus buffoni2-10km
23White HawkPseudastur albicollis2-10km
24Squirrel CuckooPiaya cayana2-10km
25Little CuckooCoccycua minuta2-10km
26Tropical Screech OwlMegascops choliba2-10km
27Spectacled OwlPulsatrix perspicillata2-10km
28White-tailed NightjarHydropsalis cayennensis2-10km
29Guianan TrogonTrogon violaceus2-10km
30Collared TrogonTrogon collaris2-10km
31American Pygmy KingfisherChloroceryle aenea2-10km
32Golden-olive WoodpeckerColaptes rubiginosus2-10km
33Rufous-tailed JacamarGalbula ruficauda2-10km
34Channel-billed ToucanRamphastos vitellinus2-10km
35White-chested EmeraldAmazilia brevirostrisAll Year1km
36Blue-chinned SapphireChlorestes notataAll Year1km
37Rufous-breasted HermitGlaucis hirsutusAll Year1km
38Turquoise TanagerTangara mexicanaAll Year1km
39Double-toothed KiteHarpagus bidentatus1km
40Zone-tailed HawkButeo albonotatus2-10km
41Turniptail GeckoThecadactylus rapicauda1km
42Giant Ameiva / Amazon RacerunnerAmeiva ameiva1km
43Mexican Brown Vine SnakeOxybelis aeneus1km
44Lowland PacaCuniculus paca1km
45Southern TamanduaTamandua tetradactyla1km
46Harlequin BeetleAcrocinus longimanus1km
47Black DasherMicrathyria atra1km
48Flame-tailed PondhawkErythemis peruviana1km
49Hot LipsPsychotria peoppigiana1km
50King SwallowtailPapilo thoas1km
51Aetolus StripestreakArawacus aetolus1km
52Orange-barred SulphurPhoebis philea1km
53Isabella TigerHeliconius isabella1km
54Rare TigerHeliconius ethillus1km
55Four ContinentAdelpha iphicla1km
56Banded AdelphaAdelpha philassa symona1km
57Red Peacock ButterflyAnartia amatha1km
58Common Green IguanaIguana iguana1km
59Fer-de-LanceBothrops asper1km
60Illioneus Giant OwlCaligo illioneus1km
61Ruschenberger's Tree BoaCorallus ruschenbergerii2-10km
62Silky AnteaterCyclopes didactylusAll Year2-10km
63Masked CardinalParoaria nigrogenisAll Year2-10km

Asa Wright Nature Centre

The AWNC is a “Not-for-Profit” Trust established in 1967 by a group of naturalists and bird-watchers to “protect part of the Arima Valley in a natural state and to create a conservation and study area for the protection of wildlife and for the enjoyment of all.” It was one of the first nature centres to be established in the Caribbean and has become a worldwide name.

Comprising nearly 1,500 acres of mainly forested land in the Arima and Aripo Valleys of the Northern Range, the AWNC’s properties will be retained under forest cover in perpetuity, to protect the community watershed and provide important wildlife habitat.

The Centre’s main facilities are located on a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation, previously known as the Spring Hill Estate. This estate has now been partly reclaimed by secondary forest, surrounded by impressive rainforest, where some original climax forest on the steeper slopes have a canopy of 100-150 feet. The whole effect is one of being deep in tropical rainforest.

Many of Trinidads birds can be found within the lush grounds of the lodge including the spectacular Bearded Bellbird whose song rings out across the forest. Jacamars, toucans, woodcreepers and antbirds can all be found and the bizarre displays of Golden-headed and White-bearded Manakins in the grounds is a true delight.

Watching the feeders off the veranda in the early mornings can be overwhelming with hummingbirds, tanagers, honeycreepers, euphonias and much more.

The hummingbirds include White-chested Emerald, White-necked Jacobin, Blue-chinned Sapphire, Rufous-breasted and Little Hermits, Copper-rumped Hummingbird and regularly on the flowering shrubs the tiny Tufted Coquette.

Using the Asa Wright Nature Centre as a base it is possible to do day trips for specialities like the Trinidad Piping Guan, Trinidad Motmot and the famous Oilbirds. Another spectacle is the thousands of Scarlet Ibis that fly into roost in the mangroves in the Caroni Swamp.

Come and stay with us and enjoy wildlife at its best.

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