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Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge, Bellavista Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Top 30 Species

1OlinguitoBassaricyon neblinaAll Year1km
2Ocellated TapaculoAcropternis orthonyxAll Year1km
3Toucan BarbetSemnornis ramphastinusAll Year1km
4Tanager FinchOreothraupis arremonopsAll Year2-10km
5Plate-billed Mountain ToucanAndigena laminirostrisAll Year1km
6TayraEira barbaraAll Year1km
7Giant AntpittaGrallaria giganteaAll Year1km
8Purple-bibbed WhitetipUrosticte benjaminiAll Year1km
9White-faced NunbirdHapaloptila castaneaAll Year1km
10PlushcapCatamblyrhynchus diademaAll Year1km
11Booted Racket-tailOcreatus underwoodii1km
12Violet-tailed SylphAglaiocercus coelestis1km
13Common PotooNyctibius griseus1km
14Moustached AntpittaGrallaria alleni2-10km
15Yellow-breasted AntpittaGrallaria flavotincta2-10km
16Andean Cock-of-the-rockRupicola peruvianus2-10km
17Crested QuetzalPharomachrus antisianus2-10km
18Cloud-forest Pygmy OwlGlaucidium nubicola2-10km
19Golden-headed QuetzalPharomachrus auriceps2-10km
20Beautiful JayCyanolyca pulchra1km
21Blue-winged Mountain TanagerAnisognathus somptuosus2-10km
22Gorgeted SunangelHeliangelus strophianus