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Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge, Bellavista Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Top 30 Species

1OlinguitoBassaricyon neblinaAll Year1km
2Ocellated TapaculoAcropternis orthonyxAll Year1km
3Toucan BarbetSemnornis ramphastinusAll Year1km
4Tanager FinchOreothraupis arremonopsAll Year2-10km
5Plate-billed Mountain ToucanAndigena laminirostrisAll Year1km
6TayraEira barbaraAll Year1km
7Giant AntpittaGrallaria giganteaAll Year1km
8Purple-bibbed WhitetipUrosticte benjaminiAll Year1km
9White-faced NunbirdHapaloptila castaneaAll Year1km
10PlushcapCatamblyrhynchus diademaAll Year1km
11Booted Racket-tailOcreatus underwoodii1km
12Violet-tailed SylphAglaiocercus coelestis1km
13Common PotooNyctibius griseus1km
14Moustached AntpittaGrallaria alleni2-10km
15Yellow-breasted AntpittaGrallaria flavotincta2-10km
16Andean Cock-of-the-rockRupicola peruvianus2-10km
17Crested QuetzalPharomachrus antisianus2-10km
18Cloud-forest Pygmy OwlGlaucidium nubicola2-10km
19Golden-headed QuetzalPharomachrus auriceps2-10km
20Beautiful JayCyanolyca pulchra1km
21Blue-winged Mountain TanagerAnisognathus somptuosus2-10km
22Gorgeted SunangelHeliangelus strophianus1km
23Buff-tailed CoronetBoissonneaua flavescens1km
24Collared IncaCoeligena torquata1km
25Powerful WoodpeckerCampephilus pollens1km
26Beryl-spangled TanagerTangara nigroviridis1km
27Fawn-breasted BrilliantHeliodoxa rubinoides1km
28Red-billed ParrotPionus sordidus1km
29Masked FlowerpiercerDiglossa cyanea1km
30Flame-faced TanagerTangara parzudakii1km

Bellavista Cloud Forest - a nature lovers and birdwatchers dream

Bellavista is at the southern edge of the Choco/Andean hotspots of biodiversity - that stretches from south western Colombia to northwestern Ecuador. And equally important, Bellavista is part of the Mindo Area of International Importance for Birds, the first area so designated in South America, by Birdlife International in 1997.Bellavista is a dream come true, for every nature lover and bird-watcher whose imagination is stimulated by the idea of a Cloud Forest. A certified ecolodge it exists within a 700 hectare private reserve full of endemic birds, mammals, orchids and other species.

Mountain View (4 Superior type rooms)
Ample, spacious superior rooms with queen-sized beds, for one or two or three people. Two rooms have sofa beds. Wooden floors, large windows and skylights, overlooking parts of the near forest and the far Guagua Pichincha vulcano.

The Trailhead House / German House (3 rooms)
This construction of brick and wood built by young Germans experts fits beautifuilly into the surrounding forest landscape. We have included large windows for watching the birds come and go. The house has two floors and is decorated in our very own Bellavista style. It can accommodate a family of 6 on the second floor and has a couple of very cosy double rooms on the first floor.

Our Bamboo House (3 rooms)
Upstairs we have a family room with a double bed and three single beds, often used as a twin, or for families. It has a 2 storey balcony with a true birds eye view of the Tandayapa Valley! Downstairs there are two rooms, one double, and a twin room with wheelchair access and a comfortable balcony.

The Bellavista Mirador Suite (2 Rooms)
Offers a suite of 2 rooms, bedroom and living-room, for a comfortable private stay for a couple. Views straight down the Tandayapa Valley, birding from your cozy bedroom is often great!

Pichincha Suite (1 Room)
Is a comfortable room with a double and a single bed, with a sitting area and views towards Pichincha Volcano, offering ample space for couples, or nice for a small family.

San Luis House (3 rooms)
This house is located about 2.5 km from the main Bellavista Lodge area. It offers a private sanctuary for honeymooners, families or others who just want their own company. With distant views across the forests and mountains offers a unique sence of remotness. Also perfect for people who want to rent the whole house for their family or group.

Private rooms in the Dome (2nd floor) ( 5 rooms)
The Dome, which is the first building raised in Bellavista, has 3 bedrooms with double beds and 2 rooms with a single bed each. Each room has a small bathroom with hot shower. These rooms are smaller and rustic compared to the rest of the lodge.

Hummingbirds and tanagers, toucans and antpittas, all vie for our attention, and could keep any dedicated naturalist enthused for a lifetime of observation. With numerous forest trails, streams and a hidden waterfalls you can search for some of the special birds including the Tanager-Finch, Giant Antpitta, Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan, Toucan Barbet, Swallow-tailed Nightjar, Plush-capped Finch, Crested Quetzal, and White-faced Nunbird as well as mammals such as the newly discovered Olinguito which can be seen most nights right outside the lodge. Relax in our four-story dome and admire the multitude of hummingbird species hovering around our feeders.

Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge offers the perfect combination of comfort, great cuisine and a friendly atmosphere all set within a beautiful tropical forest surrounded by nature.

Call us!
Office in Quito: 593 2 290 3166 / 223 2313 / 290 1536. Mobile: 0999 490 891
Lodge: 593 2 361 3447. Mobile 0994 165 868

Write us to: info@bellavistacloudforest.com or reserva@bellavistacloudforest.com

Explore our website: www.bellavistacloudforest.com

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