Arasaki Crane Observation Centre

The guesthouse is situated right in the heart of cranes wintering grounds and flocks of these delightful birds are all around. The first cranes arrive in Arasaki in early October and the numbers increase to a peak of about 12,000 during late December and January. During February and March they start to depart and return back to their breeding areas in Russia, China and easternmost Mongolia.

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Shiotsubo Onson Hotel

Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel

The historical natural hot spring was discovered for the first time in this region in the Kamakura period. It is a colorless and transparent weak alkaline carbonated spring and has a lot of efficacy, it warms up to the core of the body with refreshing skin texture. Our traditional Japanese style rooms are large and very comfortable with tatami floors

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Miyakejima Hotel

Miyakejima Hotel

The Miyakejima Hotel is an obvious orange building just five minutes from Sabigahama ferry port. Access to the island is either by plane on a limited number of flights per day to/from Haneda Airport, Tokyo or by ferry which runs everyday leaving Tokyo at 22.30 and arriving Miyakejima at 05.00 the next day. The closest birding site is Tairoike where a crater lake surrounded by forest with a few trails will produce most of the sought after species of this island.

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