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Umbrellabird Lodge

This wonderful and accessible lodge is located in the lower part of the Buenaventura Reserve, 500 m high. It has a rest area near feeders for Hummingbirds, Chachalacas and Tanagers, so it will make your stay a wonderful experience, you can also watch Coati's roaming the area.

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We’d rather let our guests fully enjoy the songs of birds, the dripping of the rain on the leaves, the powerful sound of the river Bombuscaro, the near-touch with hummingbirds chasing each other, the spectacle of colorful tanagers, the silent flight of the marvelous butterflies, the powerful aroma of the Maxillaria splendens orchid, the greenness of the forest … in order to have you leaving with an unforgettable experience… and wanting to come back!

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