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Chaab'il B'e Lodge and Casitas, Agua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize

Top 15 Species

1Great CurassowCrax rubraAll Year1km
2Slaty-tailed TrogonTrogon massenaAll Year1km
3Rufous-breasted SpinetailSynallaxis erythrothoraxAll Year1km
4Barred AntshrikeThamnophilus doliatusAll Year1km
5White-collared ManakinManacus candeiAll Year1km
6Golden-hooded TanagerTangara larvataAll Year1km
7Crimson-collared TanagerRamphocelus sanguinolentusAll Year1km
8Green-breasted MangoAnthracothorax prevostiiAll Year1km
9BananaquitCoereba flaveolaAll Year1km
10American Pygmy KingfisherChloroceryle aeneaAll Year1km
11White-necked PuffbirdNotharchus hyperrhynchusAll Year1km
12White HawkPseudastur albicollisAll Year1km
13JaguarundiPuma yagouaroundiAll Year1km
14Black HowlerAlouatta carayaJun-Feb1km
15Greater GrisonGalictis vittataJan-May1km

Birding and Wildlife Lodge in Southern Belize

Chaab'il B'e means good trail in Q'eqchi' Maya. We invite you to experience our good trails at Chaab'il B'e Lodge - bird and howler monkey watch creekside in the tall trees, in the secondary forest or in our beautiful natural gardens while enjoying the heliconias, gingers and orchids endemic to Southern Belize.

Jungle lodge with 5 A/C rooms and 3 thatched eco-casitas. Superb birding on-site. Experience Maya ruins, caving, cacao and spice farm tours, cultural culinary experiences plus snorkeling, fly fishing and kayaking. After your adventures, enjoy great hospitality and pleasingly rustic lodging with oh so comfy beds. Bed and Breakfast or All Inclusive packages available. Groups welcome.

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