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Choco Lodge, Canande Reserve, Ecuador

Top 10 Species

1Long-wattled UmbrellabirdCephalopterus penduliger2-10km
2Banded Ground CuckooNeomorphus radiolosus2-10km
3Great CurassowCrax rubra2-10km
4Baudo GuanPenelope ortoni2-10km
5Plumbeous Forest FalconMicrastur plumbeus2-10km
6Rose-faced ParrotPyrilia pulchra2-10km
7Great Green MacawAra ambiguus2-10km
8Scarlet-breasted DacnisDacnis berlepschi2-10km
9Black-tipped CotingaCarpodectes hopkei2-10km
10Ocellated AntbirdPhaenostictus mcleannani2-10km

Choco Lodge

Chocó Lodge is an ecological forest hotel located in the tropical rainforest of the Choco Region, in the province of Esmeraldas.

It is settled at 300 m elevation, in one of the wettest regions of Ecuador. Three primate species are regularly observed, along with many threatened and range-restricted birds. The Lodge, equipped with four comfy rooms with private bathroom, is available year round for our guests. An excellent restaurant amidst tropical rainforest highlights the Lodge’s social area. Soon after your arrival, you will feel as part of this magical environment, peaceful and filled with natural beauty.

We have hot water and electricity (110 volts); restaurant, bar and shop, laundry service using biodegradable products; also an extensive network of trails and a superb observation tower.

Bird Life International has listed 62 endemic bird species in the Chocó bioregion. There are 37 threatened and (Chocó) endemic bird species known from the reserve, of which seven are globally threatened (Endangered or Vulnerable). In addition, the Great Curassow is present; this is not globally threatened but is close to extirpation within Ecuador.

Noteworthy bird species in this reserve are, amongst others: Plumbeous Forest-falcon, Baudo Guan, Rose-faced Parrot, Great Green Macaw, Banded Ground-cuckoo, Black-tipped Cotinga, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Scarlet-brested Dacnis, Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, Emerald, Gray-and-gold and Scarlet-and-White Tanagers.

io Canandé Reserve is located roughly 5 driving hours from Quito. Take the Quito-Calacalí-Pedro Vicente Maldonado-La Independencia road. In Pedro Vicente Maldonado, take a secondary road towards Golondrinas, passing by La Celica. At Golondrinas, take a dirty road to La Te settlement and take a detour to Zapallo; then turn right towards the Canandé River, to a place known as Puerto Nuevo. Here, you will need to cross the river in a barge owned by Botrosa Timber Company (you will need a signed permission from Jocotoco Foundation’s office in Quito to get into the barge of Puerto Nuevo). The Reserve is 45 minutes further, on the road to Hoja Blanca. Road signs of Jocotoco Foundation will be found two km before getting to Agua Blanca.

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