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Daintree Valley Haven, Daintree National Park, Australia - Queensland

Top 10 Species

1Buff-breasted Paradise KingfisherTanysiptera sylviaOct-Apr1km
2Red-necked CrakeRallina tricolorAll Year1km
3Black BitternDupetor flavicollisSep-Apr1km
4Black-necked StorkEphippiorhynchus asiaticusAll Year1km
5Azure KingfisherCeyx azureusAll Year1km
6Lovely FairywrenMalurus amabilisAll Year1km
7Double-eyed Fig ParrotCyclopsitta diophthalmaAll Year1km
8Rainbow Bee-EaterMerops ornatusJul-Nov1km
9Wompoo Fruit DovePtilinopus magnificusAll Year1km
10Lesser Sooty OwlTyto multipunctataJan-Aug1km

Private self-contained B&B rainforest bungalows

The lush valleys, rainforests and waterways of the Daintree are a Paradise for birders and nature-lovers and Daintree Valley Haven in the heart of the beautiful Stewart Creek Valley offers secluded private B&B self-contained bungalows, ideal for wildlife-watchers.The nearby Daintree River is home to the prehistoric-looking Estuarine (Salt-water) Crocodile and tours to the wonderful marine-life and corals of the Great Barrier Reef are easily accessible from nearby Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation.

Situated 8km beyond Daintree Village the 30-acre rainforest property is home to over 140 species of seasonal birds including several of Australia's 13 endemic species, many kinds of butterflies and moths including the Cairns Birdwing and Ulysses butterflies and the enormous Hercules Moth, resident Brown and Long-nosed Bandicoots, Northern Swamp Wallabies and the very occasional Southern Cassowary and Platypus. There are easy walking trails through rainforest and open grasslands. There is a full bird-list on Daintree Valley Haven's website.

Each bungalow is privately-located with a view over the rainforest and wetlands-dam and surrounded by colourful tropical gardens – perfect for birding from your own verandah. They are studio-style and have either a queen or king/twin bed plus convertible sofa for one extra guest, ensuite bathrooms, well-equipped kitchenette, dining setting and comfortable lounge area.

They are air-conditioned, have ceiling fans and are fully insect-screened. A breakfast basket which includes tropical fruits, local coffee and tea and home-made jams and yoghurt is delivered to you daily – there are also self-cook meals and drinks available. The delicious water comes from an underground spring.

In the historic old Shed there is a BBQ, jacuzzi, small library of wildlife books, bird log, book exchange and a selection of board games and a dartboard. For those who need to keep in touch (the closest mobile reception is in nearby Daintree Village) there is free satellite wifi in The Shed.

Your hosts, Peter and Daphne, live on the property and are always available for local advice, but will always respect your privacy.

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