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Elkhorn Lodge, Carson National Forest, USA - New Mexico

Top 10 Species

1Lewis's WoodpeckerMelanerpes lewis1km
2Broad-tailed HummingbirdSelasphorus platycercus1km
3Indigo BuntingPasserina cyanea1km
4Rufous HummingbirdSelasphorus rufus1km
5Great Horned OwlBubo virginianus1km
6Cassin's VireoVireo cassinii1km
7Black-chinned HummingbirdArchilochus alexandri1km
8Hermit ThrushCatharus guttatus1km
9Prairie FalconFalco mexicanus1km
10Violet-green SwallowTachycineta thalassina1km

Elkhorn Lodge

People from all walks of life have enjoyed the scenic beauty and relaxing feel of the Elkhorn Lodge. Located on 8.5 acres of wooded land, the Elkhorn Lodge is nestled on the banks of the beautiful Chama River. Chama and the surrounding area boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife in the area.

The Elkhorn Lodge is ideally located on the main highway leading into Chama and is easy to find. We offer 11 country cabins, 10 of which have fully-equipped kitchens. We also have two completely remodeled mobile homes which feature large living and kitchen areas as well as spacious covered front porches. Our cabins accommodate from two to eight people, and are excellent for small groups and families.

Chama, a resort town at 7800 feet elevation, offers good birding at any season. In spring or summer visit the riparian forest on the Elkhorn Lodge’s property to see a wide variety of birds. Come sit on the front porch, relax in one of our rocking chairs and enjoy the various birds that are seen regularly at the Elkhorn Lodge.

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