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Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Ecuador also includes the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) west of the mainland. The capital city is Quito, while the largest city is Guayaquil. Ecuador is one of seventeen megadiverse countriesin the world according to Conservation International, and it has the most biodiversity per square kilometer of any nation. Ecuador has 1,600 bird species (15% of the world’s known bird species) in the continental area and 38 more endemic in the Galápagos. In addition to over 16,000 species of plants, the country has 126 endemic reptiles, 199 endemic amphibians, and 6,000 species of butterfly.

Hotspots & Wildlife: 
Mindo: is a mountainous watershed in the western slopes of the Andes, where two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world meet, the Chocoan lowlands and the Tropical Andes. In this transitional area — which covers an area of 268 square kilometers (103 sq mi) and ranges from 960–3,440 metres (3,150–11,290 ft) above sea level. Three rivers (Mindo, Saloya and Cinto) and hundreds of streams irrigate the landscape, which is a patchwork of cloud forests, secondary forests, agricultural land, and human settlements. 
The Mindo Valley is among the most heavily visited tourist locations in Ecuador. Nearly 200,000 tourists visit the area annually to enjoy activities such as rafting, tubing, trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, horseback riding, birdwatching, Chocolate Making and herping. Mindo is home to an incredible array of bird species and is one of the premier bird watching locations in the world. Mindo boasts around 500 species of birds, making it one of the premier birding hotspots in South America, species like the Andean Cock-of-the-rock and Toucan Barbet are among some of the top birds to see in the area. To see accommodation in the Mindo area Click here<
Carara National Park: 
Sarapiqui Area:

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WildLife Information


SPECIES of interest

  • Species – 1632

  • Endemics – 36

Collared Inca


Andean Condor
Violet-throated Meltaltail (Endemic)
Black-breasted Puffleg (Endemic)
Esmeraldas Woodstar (Endemic)
El Oro Parakeet (Endemic)
Cocha Antshrike (Endemic)
Ecuadorian Tapaculo (Endemic)
Plate-billed Mountain Toucan
Empress Brilliant
Chestnut-breasted Coronet
Tataupa Tinamou
Orinoco Goose
Baudo Guan
Nocturnal Curassow
Rufous-breasted Wood-quail
Rufous Potoo
Rufous-capped Antthrush

Fiery Topaz
Tooth-billed Hummingbird
Royal Sunangel
Festive Coquette
Zigzag Heron
Puna Ibis
Slate-coloured Hawk
White-throated Screech Owl
Buff-fronted Owl
Pavonine Quetzal
Whooping Motmot
Paradise Jacamar
Lanceolated Monklet
Five-colored Barbet
Toucan Barbet
Chestnut-tipped Toucanet
Crimson-crested Woodpecker
Watkin’s Antpitta
Full List – Click here 
  • Species – 360

  • Endemics  – 41

Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth


Spectacled Bear
White-bellied Spider Monkey
Pygmy Marmoset
Venezuelan Howler Monkey
Mountain Tapir
Equatorial Saki
White-fronted Capuchin
Monk Saki
Golden-mantled Tamarin
Brown Woolly Monkey
Bush Dog
Common Squirrel Monkey

Bush-tailed Opossum
Mantled Howler Monkey
Neotropical Otter
Stripe Hog-nosed Skunk
White-tailed Titi Monkey
Long-tailed Weasel
Brown-mantled Tamarin
Northern Tamandua
Crab-eating Racoon
Baird’s Tapir
Andean Porcupine
Thumbless Bat
Napo Saki
Eastern Lowland Olingo
Geoldi’s Monkey
Green Acouchi
Full List – Click here 
  • Reptile Species – 459
  • Endemics – 126
  • Amphibian Species – 580+
  • Endemics – 199

Red-eyed Tree Frog


White-belly Tree Frog
Green Anaconda
Amazon Sheep Frog
Blue-spotted Wood Lizard
Western Basalisk
Blomberg’s Toad
Emerald Tree Boa
Two-colored Caecilian
Yellow-footed Tortoise
Ecuador Poison Frog
Neotropical Green Anole
Amazonian Bushmaster
Fringe Tree Frog
Colombian Wood Turtle
Rio Chingual Valley Tree Frog
White-lipped Mud Turtle
Peter’s Caecilian

Big-scaled Blind Snake
Black Caiman
Ecuadorian Milk Snake
Reticulated Glass Frog
Elegant Stubfoot Toad
Middle American Indigo Snake
Twist-necked Turtle
Guacamayo Plump Toad
Pacific Horned Frog
Crowned False Boa
Marbled Poison Frog
Buchwald’s Gecko
Longsnout Robber Frog
Anellated Coral Snake
Three-striped Rocket Frog
Amazonian Toadhead
Speckled Forest-pitviper
Andean Forest-pitviper

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