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Glitz Ranthambore Safari Lodge, Ranthambore, India

Top 10 Species

1Tiger (Bengal / Indian)Panthera tigris tigris2-10km
2Sloth BearMelursus ursinus2-10km
3CaracalCaracal caracal2-10km
4Leopard (Indian)Panthera pardus fusca2-10km
5Dusky Eagle-owlBubo coromandus2-10km
6Brown Fish OwlKetupa zeylonensis2-10km
7Demoiselle CraneGrus virgo2-10km
8Striped HyenaHyaena hyaena2-10km
9Greater Painted-SnipeRostratula benghalensis2-10km
10Long-tailed MinivetPericrocotus ethologus2-10km

Glitz Ranthambore Safari Lodge

Situated just five minutes' drive from Ranthambore National Park, The Glitz Ranthambore Resort offers guests the opportunity to see Royal Bengal Tigers in the wild and enjoy the luxuries.

Spread across four acres of lush, landscaped garden and swimming Pool, The Glitz Ranthambore Resort has 17 Rooms and 5 luxury Cottages with private lawns . From the rooms and cottages , you can admire panoramic views of the bordering jungleand spot wildlife and Aravali hills.
Stay in a Luxury Cottages and Rooms be transported back to the times of the Raj, when caravans of royalty would rest overnight under magnificent shelters in the vast Rajasthani desert. Our Luxury Cottages private gardens are temperature controlled and triple canopied to keep the rooms cool.

Glitz is situated just a few kilometres from the Ranthambore National Park entrance and offers a Fantastic jungle experience. It is undoubtedly one of the top authentic and stylish resort in Ranthambore.This site itself is frequented by leopard and occasionally tigers have been spotted or heard near the resort.Being surrounded by green, leafy jungle, there are lovely gardens and swimming pool where one may lie back and listen to the sounds of the forest or rest and read in peace.
The 22 well-appointed rooms/ suites reflect the luxury of a bygone era complimented by the most modern amenities which are regularly upgraded to be in tune with the best in trade and offer world class facilities to the guests.

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