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Hotel Jaguar Inn, Parque National Tikal, Guatemala

Top 10 Species

1Orange-breasted FalconFalco deiroleucusAll Year2-10km
2Ocellated TurkeyMeleagris ocellataAll Year1km
3Yucatan PoorwillNyctiphrynus yucatanicusAll Year1km
4OcelotLeopardus pardalisAll Year2-10km
5Morelet's CrocodileCrocodylus moreletiiAll Year1km
6White-nosed CoatiNasua naricaAll Year2-10km
7Grey-throated ChatGranatellus sallaei1km
8Rose-throated TanagerPiranga roseogularis1km
9Pheasant CuckooDromococcyx phasianellus1km
10Dot-winged AntwrenMicrorhopias quixensis1km

Hotel Jaguar Inn

We are located inside of Tikal National Park, just a 10 minute walk from the ruins. Since 1968 we have been taking care of people in this unique place, surrounded by a vibrant jungle, with an abundance of birds and animals, and with one of the biggest and most impressive of all Maya cities.

It is one of the most important sites of the Maya civilization. It is thought to have been active from around 600 BC until 1000 AD. The ruins of Tikal were officially discovered in 1848, by Modesto Mendez and Ambrosio Tut. In 1979 Tikal was declared a Natural and Cultural World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Since then Tikal’s fame has extended throughout the world. Access to the ruins for the general public is by foot, but for handicapped and elderly people, there is a public transport service available at fixed times.

Our most famous and spectacular of tours. Make your way through the jungle in the dark, climb the highest temple in Tikal, temple 4, and await the awakening of the jungle. Listen to the sounds of the monkeys, and birds, as a new day dawns over this majestic city, and you have a spectacular view over the Peten Jungle. This is followed by the regular tour of the most important temples of Tikal.

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