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Hotel Tikal Inn, Parque National Tikal, Guatemala

Top 10 Species

1Orange-breasted FalconFalco deiroleucusAll Year2-10km
2Grey-throated ChatGranatellus sallaei1km
3Crested EagleMorphnus guianensisAll Year2-10km
4OcelotLeopardus pardalisAll Year2-10km
5Ocellated TurkeyMeleagris ocellataAll Year1km
6Great CurassowCrax rubraAll Year2-10km
7Mealy AmazonAmazona farinosaAll Year2-10km
8Sulphur-bellied FlycatcherMyiodynastes luteiventrisAll Year2-10km
9Chestnut-colored WoodpeckerCeleus castaneusAll Year2-10km
10Rose-throated TanagerPiranga roseogularis1km

Hotel Tikal Inn

Hotel Tikal Inn is located at Tikal National Park in the Peten region of Guatemala. It sits on the edge of the jungle only a ten minute walk from the center of the Mayan Ruins (Plaza Mayor).The Inn's traditional Mayan architecture provides a comfortable setting to relax, bird watch, and enjoy the natural beauty of Tikal National Park.

Tikal Inn has been family owned and operated for almost 50 years by the Ortiz family. We have been pioneers of eco-friendly tourism here in the Peten, Guatemala, and have long supported conservation efforts with many of our family members working directly and indirectly in the planning and implementation of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.The Mayan Biosphere Reserve is a protected tract of rain forest which spans Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and its preservation honors the natural and cultural legacies of Central America. We have also been involved in various archaeological projects in the region.

Tikal Inn also employs local people that reside in the towns bordering Tikal and, by staying with us, you will not only get the opportunity to experience a unique landscape but you will also be helping our neighboring communities flourish.

We hope you enjoy our exotic location and keep in mind the importance we place on minimal interference upon our natural surroundings. We feel that any minor inconveniences you might encounter during your stay are far outweighed by the experience of Tikal National Park's natural beauty.

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