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Kalloni Bay Hotel, Lesvos, Greece

Top 15 Species

1Kruper's NuthatchSitta krueperiAll Year11-50km
2Cinereous BuntingEmberiza cineraceaApr-Sep11-50km
3Sombre TitPoecile lugubris2-10km
4Cretzschmar's BuntingEmberiza caesiaApr-Sep2-10km
5Middle Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos mediusAll Year1km
6Greater FlamingoPhoenicopterus roseusAll Year2-10km
7European Bee-EaterMerops apiasterApr-Aug2-10km
8Little BitternIxobrychus minutusApr-Sep1km
9Glossy IbisPlegadis falcinellusApr-Aug1km
10Western Rock NuthatchSitta neumayerAll Year2-10km
11Olive-tree WarblerHippolais olivetorumMay-Aug2-10km
12Red-footed FalconFalco vespertinusApr-Sep2-10km
13Rufous-tailed Scrub RobinCercotrichas galactotesMay-Sep2-10km
14Spur-thighed TortoiseTestudo graecaAll Year2-10km
15Long-eared OwlAsio otusAll Year1km

Kalloni Bay Hotel

KALLONI BAY HOTEL is situated directly alongside the sandy beach that borders the Bay of Kalloni and is within a few minutes walk of the picturesque fishing village of Skala Kallonis. KALLONI BAY HOTEL was one of the first hotels in the region and it is still considered by many regular guests to be one of the most attractive hotels in the area due to its prime location and architecture.

KALLONI BAY HOTEL was built in Aegean style and is surrounded by a beautiful mixture of horticultural and natural landscape. KALLONI BAY HOTEL comprises of 53 en-suite rooms with simple, tasteful decor. Half of the rooms have a sea view, the other rooms look inland toward wooded hills and offer an attractive view of the island landscape, especially during sunset.

Walk to the fabulous sandy beach which is only a stone’s throw away, or relax around the large swimming pool. From the pool’s slightly elevated position you can admire the glorious play of the sea’s colours and listen to the Aegean wind «Meltemi». Your children, meanwhile, will have fun in their own special children’s pool. Go horseback riding, snorkelling, take a ride on a mountain-bike or go for a run later in the afternoon as the temperature allows for more comfortable activity. Alternatively, you might just want to hang-out and relax in the garden, or on your balcony while reading a good book.

Whatever you desire, you will soon understand the Greeks’ mythical relationship with their islands and to the sea.

As well as sea views, KALLONI BAY HOTEL overlooks «Kalloni Pool», a small bird sanctuary (Natura 2000) were the constant comings and goings of birds provide a visual delight.

Ornithologists from all over the world have come to appreciate the bird life on the Kalloni Pool, straight in front of the hotel. In spring it is coloured luscious green and in summer it changes to strong ochre. Looking beyond the sanctuary, the skyline is dominated by the impressive 3000 feet high Mount Olympus in the distance. In the evening after dinner take a sundowner at the bar or by the pool or stroll through the vibrant Skala Kallonis.

The Wetland of Kallonis Gulf is one of the most significant parts of the ecologic assets of Lesvos. The coastal areas that stretch perimetrically to Kallonis Gulf consist a unified ecologic system, as this area is consisted of a mosaic of salt-pans, small rivers and estuaries, reedy-areas, pine-trees woods and olive groves.

So all these wetlands give natural shelter and become an ideal place for the reproduction of numerous rare and protected species, Particularly the wetland includes the whole coastal area of the Gulf and a great number of terrestrial areas:

The salt-pans of Kallonis and Polichnitos, the rivers Tsikneas, Vouvaris, Mylopotamos, Enea Kamares, Potamea, the lagoon of Meson, the marsh of Skala Kallonis, of Parakela, Nyphidas etc. These areas have been placed among the European Program “Special Areas of Nature’s Preservation” of the net NATURA 2000.

In the last years, the activity of bird-watching at these particular wetlands has flourished. The best season for this activity is in spring or in autumn. It is an activity adored by many visitors-naturists - and this number is going to increase as a program of development is going to establish in the area all the necessary amenities including (installation of organized observatories, establishment of Environmental Information Center etc). Species like Stone-curlew, Avocet, Black-headed Bunting, White and Black Stork, Greater Flamingos, Little Egret, Grey Heron, Ruddy Shelduck, European Bee-eater, etc all inhabit this area.

The Orchids of Lesvos make for a great distraction for the birdwatcher, especially during the middle of the day if it’s hot, and a fantastic holiday for the botanist.

There a number of particularly beautiful flowers on the island, including the very rare Himantoglossum comperianum (Komper’s Orchid), although our particular favourite is Platanthera holmboei (Holmboei’s Butterfly Orchid)

It’s great fun finding them and for those like us, more fun trying to separate some of the species, especially the Ophrys family! Our advice is unless you’re absolutely sure, take a photo just in case.

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