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Kaziranga Florican Lodge, Kaziranga National Park, India

Top 10 Species

1Tiger (Bengal / Indian)Panthera tigris tigris2-10km
2Indian Rhinoceros (Greater One-horned)Rhinoceros unicornis2-10km
3Asian ElephantElephas maximus2-10km
4Pallas's Fish EagleHaliaeetus leucoryphus2-10km
5Blyth's KingfisherAlcedo hercules2-10km
6Bengal FloricanHoubaropsis bengalensis2-10km
7Bristled GrassbirdChaetornis striata2-10km
8Finn's WeaverPloceus megarhynchus2-10km
9Marsh BabblerPellorneum palustre2-10km
10Water BuffaloBubalus bubalis2-10km

Kaziranga Florican Lodge

Whether you are on a vacation tour with your family / friends or on a business trip in the Kaziranga, our hotel provide you with a taste of lifestyle and luxury hospitality.

Kaziranga Florican has come to be a top notch hospitality brand, which can boast of providing the finest facility and services, which its guests both deserve and expect. It has always dedicated itself in providing itself.

Hotel Facilities

Comfortable rooms with a view.
Attached private bath with showers.
Running hot and cold water.
Color Television with Cable Connection.
Round the clock friendly efficient room service.
Laundry and Dry cleaning service.
Travel Assistance - various sightseeing options, adventurous treks.

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