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La Carolina Lodge, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

Top 15 Species

1Slaty-tailed TrogonTrogon massena1km
2Keel-billed ToucanRamphastos sulfuratus1km
3Yellow-throated ToucanRamphastos ambiguus1km
4Fasciated Tiger HeronTigrisoma fasciatum1km
5Collared AracariPteroglossus torquatus1km
6Red-capped ManakinDixiphia mentalis1km
7Golden-hooded TanagerTangara larvata1km
8Orange-chinned ParakeetBrotogeris jugularis1km
9Strawberry Poison Dart FrogOophaga pumilio1km
10Scarlet MacawAra macao1km
11Red-eyed Tree FrogAgalychnis callidryas1km
12Shining HoneycreeperCyanerpes lucidus1km
13Mantled HowlerAlouatta palliata1km
14Black-cheeked WoodpeckerMelanerpes pucherani1km
15Blue-grey TanagerThraupis episcopus1km

La Carolina Lodge

La Carolina Lodge is the perfect place for both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Overlooking a fresh water river and immersed in lush tropical forests we offer the perfect Costa Rica getaway experience for our guests to enjoy.

Our cabins are designed to create a unique “off the grid experience”. Nestled on the eastern slopes of Volcano Tenorio, our accommodations are surrounded by magical scenic views. Our guests can enjoy a refreshing swim in our crystal clear river, relax in our one-of-a-kind wood-fired hot tub, sun on the deck, walk through our lush tropical forest, bird watch while sitting in comfort on the veranda, horse ride through our memilk cows, and so much more.

La Carolina Lodge is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Watch in the comfort of the expansive porch as toucans, aracaris, Montezuma Oropendola, parrots and numerous others feed on the bananas and papaya. Trogons, ant birds, manakins plus many more make this a “Pure Costa Rica” daily event.

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