Horta da Quinta

In the heart of the municipality of Mértola, Horta da Quintã is a tourism unit in a very unconventional rural area. It is governed by ecological principles that blend the landscape with a regionally inspired décor. This is a simple and family-friendly unit that offers guests a cozy space with internet, air conditioning and able to receive people with reduced mobility. Outside the natural pool is ideal on summer days and, in winter, the cozy fireplace invites you to rest. Horta da Quintã also has a gym, workshop for artistic workshops, in addition to the three double bedrooms. Breakfasts with high quality Quinta Biológica products are the starting point for exploring the region through some of the unit's packages, such as hiking; routes of endogenous products, cheese, bread and herbs; fishing; bird watching; canoes and mountain biking.

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Washi No Yado

Our guesthouse has become famous as the best place to see the magnificent Blakiston's Fish Owl (Bubo blakistoni) the largest species of owl in the world. We are very attached to our pair of owls who regularly come to feed on fish right outside of our guesthouse. If you stay with us you can see these owls at night right from your bedroom window. We also offer a viewing area for non residents where you can sit and wait until these magnificent birds come to feed.

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