Gir Pride Resort

Gir Pride Resort

Gir National Park, India

Hotel Hotel / Inn


We are a part of 30 acre self sufficient Farm. We are more of a jungle theme resort not a professional hotel. We don’t sell rooms! We connect you to nature! We promote adventures and share our wild life experiences with you. We are one of the oldest, eco friendly and valid licensed property in Gir!

We don’t boast a great luxury. We don’t have lush green lawns or manicured gardens, simply because its not a part of true wilderness. We don’t have formal uniformed staff or professional help desk or travel desk. We promote adventures and expose you to various wilderness activities. We connect you with nature. We are basically a jungle theme resort with wonderful activities.

We are a small, quiet, self sufficient, simple jungle like camp accommodation. We have a blend 10 Swiss AC Tents and a small Bungalow with 4 AC rooms with Balcony and 5 rooms on ground floor with sit out area. On top of the bungalow we have two non Ac room to accommodate budget families up to ten person in each. We have a Lovely Elevated House, ten feet above the ground, to give you real jungle feel. with children’s play area, adventure sports, jungle rides, a great 40 feet machaan, a double storeyed 25 feet watch machan and photography point that offers you privacy, peace and a great holiday experience too!

We are self-sufficient for our major requirement of dairy products, crops, fruits & vegetables! We grind out own flour for the day! We cook on fire wood! Unlike other hotels we don’t have many rules or sign boards around. We also grow ground-nuts, sugarcane, wheat & pulses like grams & maize. We grow our own onions, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, carrot, radish, beans, beetroot. Ever wonder..we even have jain potato & jain garlic!.

Our fruits like Kesar mango, jambu, chikoo, sour lime, coconut, banana, grapes, papaya are very popular for our visitors. We promote Kathiawadi culture and Kathiawadi cuisine. We are also professional with an exposure of cultures from around more than one hundred countries !!


Gir Pride Resort


Single Rooms
Double Rooms
Family Rooms


Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Laundry Service Available
Swimming Pool
Air Conditioning
Mobile Phone Coverage
Non Smoking
Wheelchair Friendly

Naturalist / Guide

Safari / Game Drives
Near National Park / Reserve
(less than 50km)
Near Stream or River
Observation Deck


Nearby Trails


Restaurant / Dining

Species List - English

  1. Asiatic Lion 2-10km
  2. Indian Leopard 2-10km
  3. Rusty-spotted Cat 2-10km
  4. Indian Mugger Crocodile 2-10km
  5. Jungle Cat 2-10km
  6. Indian Eagle-Owl 2-10km
  7. Nilgai 2-10km
  8. Four-horned Antelope 2-10km
  9. Mottled Wood Owl 2-10km
  10. Painted Sandgrouse 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Panthera leo persica 2-10km
  2. Panthera pardus fusca 2-10km
  3. Prionailurus rubiginosus 2-10km
  4. Crocodylus palustris 2-10km
  5. Felis chaus 2-10km
  6. Bubo bengalensis 2-10km
  7. Boselaphus tragocamelus 2-10km
  8. Tetracerus quadricornis 2-10km
  9. Strix ocellata 2-10km
  10. Pterocles indicus 2-10km

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