Shiotsubo Onson Hotel

Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel

Karuizawa, Honshu-Japan

Hotel Hotel / Inn


The historical natural hot spring was discovered for the first time in this region in the Kamakura period. It is a colorless and transparent weak alkaline carbonated spring and has a lot of efficacy, it warms up to the core of the body with refreshing skin texture. Our traditional Japanese style rooms are large and very comfortable with tatami floors

Birding from our lounge:
You can observe a lot of wild birds from Misakike Lounge and rooms in Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel. From autumn to winter, you can enjoy a variety of wild birds and squirrels that come in front of you while enjoying hot drinks and lunch in the lounge. It is also recommended for those who do not have a bird watching experience.

The endemic Japanese Accentor can be a difficult species to find but we are lucky in that it visits our bird table often. Along with nuthatch, Varied and Japanese Tits, plus in winter Dusky Thrushes and Rustic Buntings.

The Karuizawa Wild Bird Sanctuary:
Nearby the Karuizawa Yacho no Mori reserve is about 100 hectares of forest a little north-east of the resort town of Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture. The Sanctuary is forestland and contains among other trees Japanese Chestnut and Larch. There are about 3km of paths which

visitors can freely wander through, observing a variety of flora and fauna. Over eighty species of birds, many of them quite rare and sporting beautiful plumage, can be viewed here throughout the year. Karuizawa Yacho no Mori reserve also offers the opportunity to see rare and beautiful butterflies in the wild.

The rarely seen Copper Pheasant inhabits these woodlands along with the strange goat-like Japanese Serow. Japanese Giant Flying Squirrels are also here along with many songbirds in the warm summer months. The rare Yellow Bunting, Japanese Thrush can be seen and a drive into the nearby mountains can reveal a wealth of wonderful wildlife.

Stay with us and immerse yourself in our natural hot water spring and in our Japanese nature.

Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel


Single Rooms
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24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Laundry Service Available
Air Conditioning
Mobile Phone Coverage
Non Smoking
Wheelchair Friendly

Naturalist / Guide

Guide can be arranged
Near National Park / Reserve
(less than 50km)
Near Stream or River
Near Pond or Lake
Observation Deck


Private Trails
Within accommodation grounds
or up to 1 mile away


Restaurant / Dining

Species List - English

  1. Copper Pheasant 2-10km
  2. Japanese Accentor 1km
  3. Japanese Serow 2-10km
  4. Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel 1km
  5. Yellow Bunting 1km
  6. Japanese Thrush 1km
  7. Japanese Green Woodpecker 1km
  8. Narcissus Flycatcher 1km
  9. Japanese Grosbeak 2-10km
  10. Long-tailed Rosefinch 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Syrmaticus soemmerringii 2-10km
  2. Prunella rubida 1km
  3. Capricornis crispus 2-10km
  4. Petaurista leucogenys 1km
  5. Emberiza sulphurata 1km
  6. Turdus cardis 1km
  7. Picus awokera 1km
  8. Ficedula narcissina 1km
  9. Eophona personata 2-10km
  10. Carpodacus sibiricus 2-10km

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