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Halmahera, Indonesia

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Weda Resort was in 2015 selected by Scuba Diver Australasia as one of the top sixteen Eco Resorts of their region. There are some must see endemic birds on this small island, such as Moluccan Cuckoo, Halmahera Flowerpecker and Halmahera Boobook.

Our environmentally friendly technologies include:
Solar water heaters, providing hot showers in the resort
Ultra low emission outboard engines for the dive boats
Solar power and batteries, which provide much of our 24-hour electricity
Wind turbine for top-up electricity
Making drinking water with filters and UV technology

Sagu (starch extracted from the pith of Sago palm stems) is a major staple food for the people of Halmahera; we built all six bungalows from the leftovers of the palm trees:

The roofs are made of dried pinnated Sago palm leafs, plaited by the local people
Dried sago palm ribs (gaba-gaba) form the walls

Together with the tiled floors the bungalows offer a perfect blend of traditional techniques and modern comfort, cool houses even during hot tropical afternoons. For your comfort we also installed ceiling fans, for some extra breeze.

There are some must see endemic birds on this small island, such as Moluccan Cuckoo and Halmahera Flowerpecker.

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Species List - English

  1. Standardwing 11-50km
  2. Barking Owl 1km
  3. Halmahera Boobook 11-50km
  4. Ivory-breasted Pitta 11-50km
  5. Moluccan Scops Owl 11-50km
  6. Azure Dollarbird 1km
  7. Blue-and-white Kingfisher 1km
  8. Halmahera Flowerpecker 11-50km
  9. Moluccan Cuckoo 11-50km
  10. Nicobar Pigeon 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Semioptera wallacii 11-50km
  2. Ninox connivens 1km
  3. Ninox hypogramma 11-50km
  4. Pitta maxima 11-50km
  5. Otus magicus 11-50km
  6. Eurystomus azureus 1km
  7. Todiramphus diops 1km
  8. Dicaeum schistaceiceps 11-50km
  9. Cacomantis aeruginosus 11-50km
  10. Caloenas nicobarica 1km

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