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Lords Ranch Resort, Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, USA - Nebraska

Top 10 Species

1Greater Prairie ChickenTympanuchus cupido2-10km
2Sharp-tailed GrouseTympanuchus phasianellus2-10km
3Swainson's HawkButeo swainsoni2-10km
4Wilson's SnipeGallinago delicata2-10km
5Trumpeter SwanCygnus buccinator1km
6Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarum1km
7American White PelicanPelecanus erythrorhynchos2-10km
8Wilson's PhalaropePhalaropus tricolor2-10km
9DickcisselSpiza americana1km
10American BitternBotaurus lentiginosus2-10km

Lords Ranch Resort

Located in the middle of one of Nebraska's best outdoor recreation and wildlife areas, the Lord Ranch is perfect for the nature lover and bird watcher. It’s also the ideal retreat destination for anyone who seeks peace, quiet and memorable scenery.

Through broad cabin windows looking out across a lush meadow, one soon realizes the area teems with life from tiny lizards and turtles to the majestic deer, and even an occasional wary coyote. Feathered residents range from tiny song birds to grouse, pheasant and Canada geese to the allusive Blue Heron. Bird watchers are amazed at the abundance and diversity of wildfowl.

Satellite TV, a kitchen with a stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and cooking utensils complete the amenities. Lodging also features a 4’ walk-in shower. Still need connection with your work? Wireless Internet connections are available in the cabins.

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