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Moche Sanctuary Lodge, Trujillo, Peru

Top 15 Species

1Peruvian Thick-KneeBurhinus superciliaris1km
2Great Inca FinchIncaspiza pulchra11-50km
3Purple-collared WoodstarMyrtis fannyAll Year1km
4Baird's FlycatcherMyiodynastes bairdiiAll Year1km
5White-edged OrioleIcterus graceannae1km
6Coastal MinerGeositta peruviana1km
7Red-legged CormorantPhalacrocorax gaimardi11-50km
8Collared Warbling FinchPoospiza hispaniolensis1km
9Plumbeous RailPardirallus sanguinolentus1km
10Cactus CanasteroPseudasthenes cactorum11-50km
11Cinereous FinchPiezorina cinerea11-50km
12Peruvian MartinProgne murphyi2-10km
13Pacific ParrotletForpus coelestisAll Year1km
14Short-eared OwlAsio flammeus11-50km
15South American TernSterna hirundinacea11-50km

Moche Sanctuary Lodge

Nestled in a land of incomparable beauty sits Moche Sanctuary Lodge. Its elegant and careful design and the quality of its facilities make it an excellent option to get to know Peru.

Our comfortable rooms are surrounded by gardens, where flowering plants attract a wide variety of birds. The colonial style blends with the textures of mud and adobe. Abundant natural light illuminates the interior and exterior spaces during the day. With our restaurant we have a perfect combination of a good atmosphere with a taste for good gastronomy. An elaborate menu with typical recipes from the area will delight the most demanding palates.

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