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Pumarinri Amazon Lodge, Tarapoto, Peru

Top 30 Species

1Tataupa TinamouCrypturellus tataupa2-10km
2Comb DuckSarkidiornis sylvicola2-10km
3HoatzinOpisthocomus hoazin2-10km
4Russet-crowned CrakeLaterallus viridis1km
5Band-bellied OwlPulsatrix melanota1km
6Mottled OwlStrix virgata1km
7Ladder-tailed NightjarHydropsalis climacocerca2-10km
8Planalto HermitPhaethornis pretrei2-10km
9Spot-winged ParrotletTouit stictopterus1km
10Thrush-like AntpittaMyrmothera campanisona1km
11Northern Slaty AntshrikeThamnophilus punctatus2-10km
12Rusty-backed AntwrenFormicivora rufa2-10km
13Stripe-chested AntwrenMyrmotherula longicauda2-10km
14Mishana TyrannuletZimmerius villarejoi2-10km
15Flammulated Bamboo TyrantHemitriccus flammulatus2-10km
16White-eyed Tody-tyrantHemitriccus zosterops2-10km
17Rufous CasiornisCasiornis rufus2-10km
18Spangled CotingaCotinga cayana2-10km
19Sulphur-bellied Tyrant-ManakinNeopelma sulphureiventer2-10km
20Ashy-headed GreenletHylophilus pectoralis2-10km
21Lemon-chested GreenletHylophilus thoracicus2-10km
22Dotted TanagerTangara varia2-10km
23Opal-rumped TanagerTangara velia1km
24Opal-crowned TanagerTangara callophrys1km
25Short-billed HoneycreeperCyanerpes nitidus1km
26Crested OwlLophostrix cristata1km
27Yellow-crested TanagerTachyphonus rufiventer2-10km
28Carmiol's TanagerChlorothraupis carmioli2-10km
29Olive OropendolaPsarocolius bifasciatus2-10km
30Black-banded OwlStrix huhula1km

Pumarinri Amazon Lodge

Situated on the banks of the River Huallaga - a biological bridging point due to its location at the juncture between the Cerro Escalera Regional Conservation Area and the Cordillera Azul National Park. Three distinct ecosystems run successively along the length of the Huallaga River: tropical dry forest, the upland montane forest and the lowland forest of the Amazon basin, providing incredible birding opportunities.

Pumarinri Amazon Lodge is located in a privileged location, the banks of the Huallaga River, in the canyon that will take you to cross the last foothills of the Eastern Andes. The property has 62 hectares (155 acres) of private reserve. Surrounded by forests, rivers and streams, the site has the distinction of being a biological bridge, because it is located at the confluence of the Cerro Escalera Regional Conservation Area and the Cordillera Azul National Park. In addition, along the Huallaga river alternate three ecosystems with very different characteristics: the tropical dry forest, the high mountain jungle and the low jungle of the Amazon plain.

Excursions and trips can be made by land or by river, and we have the use of several different types of boats. The boat trips are great for getting close views of many birds including roosting Sand-colored Nighthawks and herons.

The whole area has a great diversity of birds, butterflies and amphibians, which can be observed from the lodge trails or during a walk in the forest. Hummingbird feeders in the garden attract several species while fruiting trees can play host to many stunning birds. Several owl species can be observed during a night walk and our guides often know where to find them.

Nearby waterfalls, endless forest and native local communities make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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