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The World's Number 1 Website For Finding Wildlife Accommodations

Introducing Wildlife-lodges.com

The worlds number 1 website for finding wildlife accommodation!

After three solid years of developing this amazing web-site we are now finally up and running. The feedback we have recieved from around the world has been so positive and the attention to detail so complete that we feel users will now have the perfect site from which they can search for somewhere to stay to see a particular species of wildlife. Born from the idea that many more travellers are now embarking on independant trips and as such need to spend hours searching and researching the places and wildlife they would like to see, we developed the site so as to be the only site you will ever need to visit in order to find what you are looking for. We know how difficult it can be when searching for the right place to stay, and how annoying it can be to just get endless trip advisor, and hotel booking websites instead of the accommodation you are actually looking for. We do not work on commission and our site will allow you to contact the establishments direct via e-mail, telephone or go straight to their website. It will take a while for us to populate the site fully but our aim is to have ALL the worlds accommodations associated with wildlife under one web-site making planning your holiday or safari so much easier. Bear with us as we now start to populate the site and please if you know of a Lodge, B&B, Guest House, Hotel, Campsite or Dive Resort then ask them to check out our website and join up as it will soon be the one site all nature watchers and tarvellers add to their favourites.

Why is our site so different:

The key to wildlife-lodges uniqueness is that it was built from scratch for a specific purpose - to help wildlife and nature travellers find their ideal place to stay. There are just a few other websites which offer accommodations for naturalist's but most of these are within much bigger web-sites that offer all sorts of other information that is often not related, or they just offer accommodation that may not be relevant to watching wildlife or are only offering one subject such as birds. We encompass all forms of wildlife from mammals to birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, sea-life and some botany. We actually hold a database of over 40,000 species all of which can be searched using our smart search box in order to find a place to stay in order to have a chance to see your selected species. It is not a simple word search. No other web-site has this facility and its no wonder when you realise how complicated and difficult it was to set up.

No1. website
Why do we assume we will be the number one website for wildlife-accommodation. Well we have not rushed into this and have been working on getting it completely right for over 3 years now. Our team consists of naturalist's, birdwatchers and wildlife tour guides who have travelled the world with over 20 years experience. We do know what people are looking for and this website should fulfil the wishes of all those travellers in search of places to stay in order to enjoy all forms of nature.

Welome to Wildlife Lodges and we hope you get as much enjoyment out of using this site as we have making it.