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Sinharaja Forest Edge, Sinharaja Forest, Sri Lanka

Top 10 Species

1Serendib Scops OwlOtus thilohoffmanniAll Year11-50km
2Sri Lanka Blue MagpieUrocissa ornataAll Year2-10km
3Green-billed CoucalCentropus chlororhynchosAll Year2-10km
4White-faced StarlingSturnornis albofrontatusAll Year2-10km
5Ashy-headed LaughingthrushGarrulax cinereifronsAll Year2-10km
6Red-faced MalkohaPhaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalusAll Year2-10km
7Sri Lanka Scimitar BabblerPomatorhinus melanurusAll Year2-10km
8Sri Lanka FrogmouthBatrachostomus moniligerAll Year11-50km
9Sri Lanka SpurfowlGalloperdix bicalcarataAll Year11-50km
10Sri Lanka JunglefowlGallus lafayettiiAll Year2-10km

Sinharaja Forest Edge

Nestling in the tranquility of the famous Sinharaja rain forest, Sinharaja Forest Edge is situated in the rural Village of Deniyaya at the Mederipitiya entrance to the Sinharaja Rain Forest.

Equipped with all the basic amenities, and enriched with true Sri Lankan hospitality this resort will be a simple touch of luxury yet preserving the simple lifestyle of the village by the forest. We welcome tourists, back packers, long/short duration tours or day tours.

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