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Surama Eco Lodge, Rainforests, Guyana

Top 10 Species

1Guianan Cock-of-the-RockRupicola rupicolaAll Year2-10km
2Harpy EagleHarpia harpyjaAll Year2-10km
3Rufous-winged Ground CuckooNeomorphus rufipennisAll Year2-10km
4Ocellated CrakeMicropygia schomburgkiiAll Year1km
5Great PotooNyctibius grandisAll Year1km
6Guyanan Red HowlerAlouatta macconnelliAll Year2-10km
7Giant River OtterPteronura brasiliensisAll Year2-10km
8CapuchinbirdPerissocephalus tricolorAll Year2-10km
9Spotted PuffbirdBucco tamatiaAll Year2-10km
10White-tailed NightjarHydropsalis cayennensisAll Year1km

Surama Eco-Lodge set in the heart of Guyana.

Our Mission. We are the premiere community-based eco-tourism experience in the Guianan Shield. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable and hospitable services to all our guests.Our Vision. We will develop, own and manage a community-based eco-tourism business by constructively using the natural resources and our traditional culture in a socially appropriate manner. We will provide opportunities for our people through research, training and employment. We will work with our partners for mutual respect and benefits.Accommodation at Surama Eco-Lodge is simple, basic, clean, and comfortable. Set at the western edge of the main village, Surama Eco-Lodge is perched atop a meadow facing a thick forest wall, creating a perfect opportunity to view birds, monkeys, and even the occasional jaguar. The majestic Pakaraima Mountains, often shrouded in mist, rise above the canopy and strike a brilliant contrast against the pure forest air.Other than the full-time lodge manager, the staff of our lodge is comprised of village residents who spend part of their week tending to the lodge and the hospitality needs of visitors. You will be treated like a guest in our home, enjoying food prepared by local villagers and getting to know the ways of our world as each day of village life passes right in front of your room.

We have four octagonal guest benabs (cottages) built in the traditional grass-roof Makushi style. These four benabs surround the main community benab. Each benab can sleep up to three adults and has a private bathroom with flush toilet, shower, and sink. The benab is screened-in to reduce mosquitos, but mosquito nets are also provided for each single bed. Solar power provides limited lighting in the room. Bed sheets and towels are supplied and refreshed every other day, or upon request.

Our new Guest Cabin building sits slightly away from the main community benab and features four rooms, each with a double bed. Solar power provides lighting in each room and the common areas. Each guest room in the cabin building features a shower, flush toilet, and sink. Every bed has a mosquito net. Bed sheets and towels are supplied and refreshed every other day, or upon request. A shared back patio faces the forest and is a perfect spot for a cup of coffee at sunrise.

Within the range of Surama Village are found healthy populations of giant river otters, jaguar, giant anaconda, tapir, capybara and four species of monkey. Our guides have a lifetime of observing and identifying the wildlife within these forests, and guests are very likely to observe the myriad animals they have come to see and photograph.

Surama has one of the pre-eminent bird guides in all Guyana on its staff. Over 500 species of birds, 72 species endemic to the Guianan Shield, are found in the forest adjacent to Surama Village Eco-Lodge. With so many different species available and outstanding guides on staff our guests’ chances of seeing birds on their life list are greatly increased.

Our location, where the forest merges into the savannah, is the perfect place to see birds endemic to both habitats.

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