Weda Reef & Rainforest Resort

Weda Resort was in 2015 selected by Scuba Diver Australasia as one of the top sixteen Eco Resorts of their region. There are some must see endemic birds on this small island, such as Moluccan Cuckoo, Halmahera Flowerpecker and the Halmahera Boobook.

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Mantaraya Lodge

Mantaraya Lodge

Come and see the new Mantaraya Lodge, with its fabulous gardens and views it has transformed the hotel into a relaxing and cozy place for the new Mantaraya Lodge Spa.After a recent renovation, our new Mantaraya lodge will offer our guests new gastronomical options as well as modern rooms and spacious bathrooms that will enhance our guests’ experience. Our desire was always to maintain the unique feeling our guests have in this amazing natural setting. However, we took the opportunity to refresh not only our look but to also become more eco-friendly with changes in our energy management systems and reduce our operation footprint.

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