Selva Montana Eco Lodge

The Huaico Private Reserve is located just a few kilometres from the Lodge in a natural area of humid canyons in the Andean Yungas of Argentina. In fact, the word huaico comes from Quechua language, wayqu: which means "gully or ravine".In the lower section of the Reserve between -1.400 to 1.600 m.- typical species of deciduous Montane Forest predominate: Ceibo (Erythrina falcata), Tipa (Tipuana tipu), Pacar (Enterolobium contortisiliqum) as well as Nut-tree (Juglans australis) and Cedro Colla (Cedrela lilloi). The Laurel (Phoebe porphyria) dominates in the humid gullies while higher up we find some large specimens Cedro Colla, Mountain Pine (Podocarpus parlatorei) and Nut-Tree. Here many trees are densely carpeted by epiphytes including ferns, mosses, cacti, bromeliads and orchids. And even higher up we find an interesting mature forest dominated by Alder Tree (Alnus acuminata).More than 200 bird species have been recorded in the Reserve including some of high conservation value, such as Huaico Tinamou, Yungas Pygmy-Owl, Alder Amazon, and Hoy's Screech-Owl, as well as other emblematic birds like the attractive Cream-backed Woodpecker and the powerful Black-and-Chestnut Eagle. Regarding mammals that inhabit and breed in the Reserve, Brown and Red Brocket-Deers, Forest Fox and Lesser Grisson, must be mentioned. A few wild cats have also been reported but are rare such as Jaguarundi, Geoffroy's Cat, Margay and Puma, of which we sometimes find tracks and/or even watch them crossing the trail.

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