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Thala Beach Nature Reserve, Great Barrier Reef, Australia - Queensland

Top 30 Species

1Striped PossumDactylopsila trivirgataAll Year1km
2Eastern OspreyPandion cristatusAll Year1km
3DugongDugong dugonAll Year1km
4Green TurtleChelonia mydasAll Year1km
5Agile WallabyMacropus agilisAll Year1km
6Papuan FrogmouthPodargus papuensisAll Year1km
7Sugar GliderPetaurus brevicepsAll Year1km
8Eastern Long-beaked EchidnaZaglossus bartoniAll Year1km
9White-bellied Sea EagleHaliaeetus leucogasterAll Year1km
10Amethyst PythonMorelia amethistinaAll Year1km
11Australian Snubfin DolphinOrcaella heinsohniAll Year2-10km
12Southern CassowaryCasuarius casuariusAll Year11-50km
13Red-eye Tree FrogAgalychnis callidryasAll Year1km
14Lesser Sooty OwlTyto multipunctataAll Year1km
15Macleay's HoneyeaterXanthotis macleayanusAll Year1km
16Lace MonitorVaranus variusAll Year1km
17Victoria's RiflebirdPtiloris victoriaeAll Year1km
18Musky Rat-KangarooHypsiprymnodon moschatusAll Year1km
19Double-eyed Fig ParrotCyclopsitta diophthalmaAll Year1km
20Nankeen Night HeronNycticorax caledonicusAll Year2-10km
21Saltwater CrocodileCrocodylus porosusAll Year11-50km
22Buff-breasted Paradise KingfisherTanysiptera sylviaNov-May11-50km
23Metallic StarlingAplonis metallicaAll Year1km
24MistletoebirdDicaeum hirundinaceumAll Year1km
25Olive-bellied SunbirdCinnyris chloropygiusAll Year1km
26JabiruJabiru mycteriaAll Year2-10km
27Crimson FinchNeochmia phaetonAll Year1km
28Australian Green Tree FrogLitoria caeruleaAll Year1km
29Helmeted FriarbirdPhilemon buceroidesAll Year1km
30Brahminy KiteHaliastur indusAll Year1km

A special combination of nature, wildlife and seclusion awaits..

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a deluxe family owned beachfront eco retreat on 58 Ha of native forest between Cairns and Port Douglas, North Queensland. Spacious eco-designed bungalows with large decks provide a peaceful sanctuary immersed in nature. Thala’s native forest is a habitat for a thriving wallaby population as well as hundreds of bird and butterfly species. Guests enjoy complimentary guided walks with knowledgeable on-site Rangers or explore independently via Thala’s network of forest trails. Pavilion-style Osprey’s Restaurant features modern Australian cuisine high above the treetops with ocean and mountain views. Thala is positioned within easy reach of two UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics rainforest and Daintree National Park.

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is adjacent to secluded Oak Beach. Conveniently located 45 minutes drive north of Cairns and 15 minutes south of Port Douglas, guests enjoy the best of the tropics from this private paradise. Sitting atop a headland with breathtaking ocean and mountain vistas, Thala Beach Nature Reserve provides an island-feel experience and is the ideal base for exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

Thala has proudly achieved the highest accreditation of eco-certification through sustainable practices and environmental sensitivity. Boutique timber bungalows are built high on stilts within the forest canopy providing a private and unobtrusive approach to nature. All bungalows enjoy ocean, mountain or forest views. Time spent relaxing on the timber-decked verandas is enhanced by sightings of birds, butterflies, wallabies, possums and sugar gliders.

Granite boulders, waterfalls and overhanging trees create natural swimming pools blending discretely within the environment. Paths wind through rainforests and woodlands, connecting with secluded coves and beaches, passing through habitats for endemic birds, wildlife & flora.

Osprey's Restaurant offers panoramic vistas across the sparkling waters of the Coral Sea and the World Heritage-listed forests that clad the coastal ranges. Guests and visitors dine among the birds in the surrounding treetops while enjoying modern Australian cuisine with friendly service.

Guests also enjoy complimentary guided nature tours by onsite rangers including stargazing at an outdoor observatory, coastal discovery, wildlife & nature walks, birds & butterflies walks. Our completely organic 650 tree coconut plantation is home to a unique coconut odyssey tour highlighting the extraordinary qualities of the ‘tree of life’.

Magical moments are created at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. A feeling of unspoiled wilderness sets the ambiance; yet it is only 15 minutes into the centre of Port Douglas. A special combination of beauty, wilderness and seclusion awaits you.

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