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The Baagh Forest Retreat, Kanha National Park, India

Top 10 Species

1Tiger (Bengal / Indian)Panthera tigris tigrisSep-Feb2-10km
2Sloth BearMelursus ursinusAll Year2-10km
3Leopard (Indian)Panthera pardus fuscaAll Year2-10km
4Jungle CatFelis chausAll Year11-50km
5BarasinghaRucervus duvauceliiAll Year2-10km
6Asian Paradise FlycatcherTerpsiphone paradisiAll Year1km
7Tawny Fish OwlKetupa flavipesAll Year1km
8Russell's ViperDaboia russeliiSep-Feb11-50km
9Indian MonitorVaranus bengalensisSep-Feb1km
10Indian PangolinManis crassicaudataAll Year11-50km

Indian resort

Spread out over nearly 20 acres, The Baagh Resort at Kanha is a verdant oasis among the rolling hills of neighboring villages and the towering sal trees of the jungle. Eight residential complexes housing 24 elegant and spacious rooms offer serene eastern views of the jungle hills and vegetation. The natural beauty of the grounds are graced by giant mahua trees, indigenous plants, colorful bougainvillea, flower and vegetable gardens. Fruit-bearing mango, papaya, orange, and sweet lime trees provide juicy treats for guests.

The resort was designed to harmonize with the centuries-old rural architecture of the villages while incorporating comfortable and modern amenities. The residential complexes are new construction of impeccable design that blend seamlessly with the natural countryside. The reception area and library lounge are original farm house structures painted in the same brilliant turquoise color of village homes.

At The Baagh Resort at Kanha we have gone to great lengths to make your stay a memorable one. Here among the wilds of India we offer 24 well-appointed rooms among eight residential complexes. Each room has open balconies or private patio areas with a view of the jungle. It's the perfect place to sip a morning cup of tea and watch the sunrise over this exotic land or relax with a glass of wine after a day spotting tigers in the jungle.

The Baagh Resort at Kanha is adjacent to Kanha National Park and is accessible through the Mukki Gate of the park, just three miles away. It is located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. The resort ranges over an area of 20 acres amidst sal, Mahua, and Saja trees, with breathtaking views of the valley. Nearby tribal villages and hills encircle the beautiful and tranquil grounds.

The Baagh Resort at Kahna is located just three miles outside of the Mukki Gate of Kanha National Park. We will be happy to assist with your transportation needs.

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