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Unicornio Azul, Todos Santos Chucumatan, Guatemala

Top 10 Species

1Goldman's WarblerSetophaga goldmaniAll Year2-10km
2Ocellated QuailCyrtonyx ocellatusAll Year2-10km
3Pink-headed WarblerCardellina versicolorAll Year2-10km
4Amethyst-throated MountaingemLampornis amethystinusAll Year2-10km
5Black-capped SiskinSpinus atricepsAll Year2-10km
6White-breasted HawkAccipiter chionogasterAll Year2-10km
7Bocourt's Emerald LizardSceloporus smaragdinusAll Year2-10km
8Flammulated OwlPsiloscops flammeolusAll Year2-10km
9Yellow-eyed JuncoJunco phaeonotusAll Year2-10km
10Guatemalan Pygmy OwlGlaucidium cobanenseAll Year2-10km

Unicornio Azul

More than a hotel, the Blue Unicorn is a house that brings together lovers of nature and horses on the occasion of an unforgettable cavalcade, a cheerful common dinner or a table by the fire from which many friends have left.

The spectacular Sierra de los Cuchumatanes is the highest non-volcanic region in Central America.
Between 500 and 3800 meters high, there is a great variation of climates, ecosystems and agricultural diversity that make of Huehuetenango one of the regions of "greater biological diversity of the country.

The highest parts are dominated by open grassy and rocky areas, and open pine and juniper woodlands. These are home to Goldman's Warbler, once considered the most isolated form of Yellow-rumped Warbler occuring in a small region of Guatemala, the Goldman's Warbler is now a seperate species and the only endemic bird in Guatemala.

You can also see local subspecies of Pine Siskin. Rufous-collared Robins, Yellow-eyed Junco, Spotted Towhee, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Brown Creeper, and Steller's Jay are common. Broad-tailed, White-eared, and Magnificent Hummingbirds are common hummers in the area. Grassy areas harbor Eastern Meadowlarks and a local subspecies of Savannah Sparrow. With some good luck Common Raven may be seen. Ravens were once common in the Guatemala, but nowadays the Cuchumatanes are the last refuge.

Despite its rich cultural and beauty and natural diversity, the department of Huehuetenango is not developed touristy. That makes it a destination for the bold who want to get off the beaten track and who will be rewarded for the authenticity of the places and their people.

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