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Users Guide

If you would like to join the biggest network of Wildlife Accommodations in the world then go to our Home Page and click JOIN on the top right. Follow all instruction to create your unique page.

HOME PAGE - (1st Page)

Search Box

Accommodations can be found by typing in either a species, a location (country or hotspot) to be taken to a drop down of your desired search.

On the results drop menu you can see or scroll to find the exact species or location (country followed by hotspot) and then click on this to be taken to a new page of accommodation search results.

Note that all results of species and locations that show in the drop down menu have brackets ( ) showing results of how many lodges we have on site for each possible selection. If you click a species or location with (0) results you will obviously get a message stating No Results Found. If you see that there is a number - example (3) then you will know that there will be 3 results found once you click this selection.

Species are straightforward you select a desired species and you will be taken to the next page with accommodations for this species.
Once again if there is the bracket after your search result ie (2) this will mean 2 accommodations found for that species, (0) means no accommodations for that particular species. 
Only species that have entered onto the Accommodations full page will be found ie in a lodges Top 10 or more.

Note when searching for a desired species you can type in part of a name, a particular group of species or even scientific name to find what you are looking for.

Country search will show the desired country followed by a list of hotspots. You can either click the country to be taken to next page with all accommodations for that country or be more precise and click on one of the hotspots to be taken to the next page which will show only results for the selected hotspot.

By typing in a search you can also press the Search Box to the right or hit your enter key which should take you to the next page for the words being searched

Search Result Page - (2nd Page)

On this page look in the green central box and you should see the number of results found, followed to the right by either List View (which it will already be in) or Map View which you can click to see the results on google maps.

Below the green search box and occupying most of the page will be thumbnails (brief descriptions) of each accommodation searched for. You can scroll down and click on any of these results to be taken to the individual Full Lodge Page.

If you feel you have too many results to search through then you have the opportunity to filter this list of thumbnails down.

First way to refine this list would be to type in the search box another species, this will then give you results for accommodations that only have the new species just typed in plus the original species/location from the first search. Note that once you start refining your searches with more species there will be a higher chance of finding your ideal place to stay as you will now be filtering to find somewhere in a particular country with a particular set of wildlife. If you search for too many species then they all need to be on the accommodations Top 10 list. If they are not all there then you will find that you are returned the message “No Results Found”. Simple click on the (back) link next to this to take you back to previous search result.Note you will not be able to search for additional country’s beyond the first country search as obviously you cannot have the same accommodation in two different countries.

So you either want to search a country or hotspot first followed by species in that country, or search for a species without first specifying the country to see where in the world we have accommodation associated with the searched species. It all becomes very easy once you start using the site.

A further interesting search filter sits on the left hand side of the search result page. Here you will see the selected species as well as any selected country or hotspot. You can at any time click on any of these to delete in order to refine the search. Below the selected search results is a tab called “Accommodation Types”. When you click on this a drop down menu with tick boxes appears, and this will allow you to select one or more accommodation types that interest you the most. So if you were only interested in Lodges rather than say Guest Houses or Camp Sites then by ticking the Lodge box you will be left with just Lodges that fit in with your searched country, hotspot or species. click back on the “Accommodation Type” dropdown to close it.

The types of accommodation are: Lodge: (A Lodge would most likely be an accommodation specifically built in our case for wildlife tourism by often being in or close to a natural area, national park, wildlife reserve etc) Hotel: (Not specifically built because of nature or wildlife but in or close to such an area) Guest House/B&B: (Generally a smaller establishment than a hotel and close to an area for wildlife) Self Catering: (This could be a house, cottage, villa or any rental near an area for wildlife) Camping/RV Park: (A campsite or area designated for camping, or an RV or Caravan Park near a wildlife area) Tented Lodge/Safari Camp: (These would not be campsites but most likely permanent fixed camps with well appointed Safari Style tents, like the typical accommodation in African Safari Camps) Dive Resort: (Mostly lodges or hotels close to water (mostly sea) that have facilities for snorkling, or scuba diving in areas rich in wildlife)

These accommodation types show up as a colour coded icon on the right hand side of the accommodation name in the brown box on the Full Accommodation Page. They also appear on the Map View so you can easily distinguish between the different types. Lodge: Green icon, Hotel: Red, Guest House/B&B: Orange, Self Catering: Grey, Camping/RV Park: Brown, Tented Lodge/Safari Camp: Yellow, Dive Resort: Blue.

While in any of the search result pages you can click on the Map View tab on the right hand side of the green search box. This will take you to google maps where accommodations that appear on your search result page will now appear as colour coded icons for the country or hotspot selected, or more worldwide depending on the species you have selected. Note if you have filtered the “Accommodation Type” you will only see coloured icons that correspond to the type of accommodation selected. If you want to see all the different types of accommodation then do not tick anything in the “Accommodation Type” dropdown.

Below the accommodation type filter is a section that allows advertisers to place an advert whether for a particular lodge, a ground agent, holiday company, in fact anything that is relative to the country result been searched.
Other adverts that can be seen on more pages than the individual country being searched can be added to the bottom of the page. All adverts will comprise of a logo that links direct to the company or advertiser.

Go to Lodge Full page:
On the List View page result you just have to click on the thumbnail of any accommodation that interests you to be taken to the establishments Full Detailed Page.

In Map View the same result will happen if you click on any of the coloured icons.

If you find the accommodation on the full detailed page is not really what you are looking for then simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “Back to your search” link to go back one step to the accommodation results previously stored.

A particularly impressive part of our website is the “smart search”. When entering a name into the search box you will find that you do not need to enter the whole name of your search as it will recognise any three or more letters of a word you are looking for as long as the letters are in the correct order and at the start of any of the words, and not just the first word of say a species, it will find second or third words so long as they are spelt correct. Example: search - wol - will show results that include -  Wollongong in Australia or Grey Wolf under species, or even the scientific name of – Mexican Jay (Aphelocoma wollweberi). Note that it will search all country’s, hotspots and species including both English or Scientific Name. Currently there are over 40,000 species names, over 2,500 hotspots and all countries of the world.

Among the species you can search are All the Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and Dragonflies of the world, plus the Butterflies of Europe, North America and few other places, the Amphibians of Europe and North America plus a few other places, and a selection of plants such as the Orchids of Europe and North America, plus a selection of interesting Sea-Life. Those few list which are not complete for the world we will endeavour to add to when time and resources permit. if in the meantime you know of a species that is missing and you feel should be included then please contact us and we will immediately add it to our database - contact info@wildlife-lodges.com

The spelling of English/American names will yield the same result so no matter if you search Grey/Gray or Color/Colour or any of the other English/American words it will find both results. Example if you search for Grey Wolf it will find both Eurasian Grey Wolf and the American Gray Wolf.

We also have many species that have more than one name for example - Mountain Lion / Puma/ Cougar. Whatever name you know or prefer you results will be the same.

Please note the following:

Forward slash / separates the alternative Common English name i.e Mountain Lion / Puma / Cougar. Brackets (  ) surrounding an English name refer to a known sub-species i.e Brown Bear (Grizzly) this is then normally followed by the Scientific Name which will also be in brackets (Ursus arctos horribilis).

So this will appear as Brown Bear (Grizzly) (Ursus arctos horribilis). Note the following and how they are shown.

English Name (Scientific name)
English Name / Alternative name
English Name (Subspecies) (Scientific name)

So the longest scenario could be – English Name / Alternative Name (Subspecies) (Scientific name / alternative Scientific name) but this would be very rare but any search of any of these words would find the exact species you were be looking for.

Note only species that have been entered by each accommodation will be found as a result. We have added complete world lists of birds, mammals etc just for completeness and not every species will have an associated accommodation as we doubt that anyone would have for their establishment ie House Sparrow. The more unusual or sought after the species then the more likely that there will be an accommodation associated with it.

Note that species names appear in alphabetical order of Scientific Name

Occasional anomalies will appear so please let us know and we can address them

We have used the IOC list version 7.1 as our guide to the most up to date bird names of the world, but where we have felt appropriate we have added a few alternative names. For the lists of Mammals, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Reptiles, Amphibeans, Plants and Sea-Life we have sourced many references to provide what we feel is the most useful list for our purposes. Currently we have over 40,000 species which can be searched.

We have “hotspots” for just about all the countries in the world bar a few. “Hotspots" can be National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Game Parks, or any area known to be good for wildlife. So we have over 2,500 hotspots and will regularly update these as more are drawn to our attention. We welcome any information on “hotspots” that we do not have but may be good for wildlife and have some form of accommodation nearby. Let us know by contacting - info@wildlife-lodges.com

Every accommodation on our site will get a full page dedicated solely to that one establishment. This page should provide the user of our site with a good deal of information relating to the said accommodation and its potential for wildlife. Note that all information on this page is supplied by the accommodation and all information provided and its accuracy are the responsibility of the accommodation and the person who provided it. Wildlife-Lodges.com are not responsible for the information or content provided on this page, but if we are informed of inacuracies, mistakes, or fraudulant information then we have the right to firstly advise the owners and ask for this to be rectified and if not satisfied that this has been done we can remove the accommodation from our site.

In top left of this page in a green edged box are all the direct contacts for the accommodation. Phone number, email address and web-site (if they have one). By clicking on either email or website you will be directed to the link. Please note we do not get commission or clicks through to the said accommodation. We are providing a service for the user to get directly in contact with the accommodation that interests them.

Brown Box:
This holds the name of the lodge, followed by its hotspot and country. To the right of the names is a coloured icon showing accommodation type.

Below the brown lodge name box is a large photo supplied by the accommodation. You can click on this large photo to enlarge even more. Click away from the photo anywhere on the page to reduce it back to normal size. Below the main large photo are a line of 5 smaller photos. There are in fact more photos if you use the scroll bar to show others on the right. If you click any of these photos they will appear where the large photo is above.

TOP 10:
This is a key to the successfulness of this website and totally unique to any other accommodation type website. The species provided by the accommodation are what our database searches in order to deliver the accommodation associated with a particular species. A lodge can have more than a TOP 10 and the number of species will be displayed in the top of this box. Next to this are two buttons that can change the species listed from English Names (default) to Scientific names if you so wish. Below this the species appear in English Names (unless you click Scientific button). Beside each name is the best timings that the species may be seen and this could say "All Year" meaning that the species is possible throughout the year, to specific months when the species is best looked for i.e May-Oct meaning the best time to look for this species is the months May through to October. Beside this is another column that states the distance from the accommodation that it may be possible to look for the species. 1km - this would mean the species can occur around the accommodation and up to 1km away, 2-10km - this would mean the species can be looked for between 2-10km from the accommodation, 11-50km - this would mean the species can be looked for between 11- 50km from the accommodation. D: - this would mean that the species is further away than 50km but DAY trips can be arranged to look for it.

Below the TOP 10 box is the information section supplied by the accommodation. This comprises of a heading and two columns. Bottom of left hand column is a link back to your previous search page. Bottom right of right hand column is a button linking to a detailed review of the accommodation. This button and link is only available if the Wildlife Lodges team has stayed at said establishment and written a review.

Accommodation details:
The column to the left of the page with brown surround boxes contains six separate section: Starting from the top they are:1. Accommodation Type - shows exactly that - the accommodation type, Lodge, Hotel, B&B etc. 2. Accommodation - this shows type of rooms, Twin, Single, Family, Tents etc. 3. Facilities - shows information on water, electricity, wifi, private facilities, swimming pool etc. 4. Nature/Wildlife Guide - shows all information relating to wildlife i.e how close to National Park or place of interest, whether it has a resident guide or not, if it's near stream or pond, has a hide or trails, night walks, maps, checklists etc. 5. Trails - shows more detailed info on proximity of nature trails to accommodation. 6. Dinning - shows whether accommodation has restaurant, bar, provides breakfast, dinner, lunches picnics etc

Please note that all information is provided by the accommodation and you may need to confirm specifics by contacting the staff or owner to verify or confirm particular details. Wildlife-Lodges.com is not responsiblke for the content of the information provided.


Here we will provide detailed reviews of accommodations that any of our Wildlife Lodges team has visited. At the bottom of the review there will be a link back to the lodges full information page.

Note links to Press, Site Map, Privacy Policy, Adverts, Terms and Conditions, and Cookie Settings are all in the footer and linked to by simply clicking one or the other