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Amazon Muyuna Lodge, Iquitos area, Peru

Top 10 Species

1Wattled CurassowCrax globulosaAll Year2-10km
2Amazon River / Pink River DolphinInia geoffrensisAll Year1km
3Tucuxi / Grey River DolphinSotalia fluviatilisAll Year1km
4Pygmy MarmosetCallithrix pygmaeaAll Year2-10km
5Peruvian Night MonkeyAotus miconaxAll Year2-10km
6HoatzinOpisthocomus hoazinAll Year1km
7Sand-colored NighthawkChordeiles rupestrisAll Year2-10km
8Parker's SpinetailCranioleuca vulpeculaAll Year2-10km
9Festive AmazonAmazona festivaAll Year2-10km
10Black-and-white AntbirdMyrmochanes hemileucusAll Year2-10km

Mayuna Lodge is intimate and solitary, surrounded only by nature

LocationThe most important advantage of MUYUNA is the strategic location. MUYUNA is located up river, far away from Iquitos city, the capital of the Peruvian department of Loreto, very close to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, with its 2’080,000 hectares, it is the biggest in Peru. In our fast boats, the trip takes about 3 hours. From Iquitos, we sailed upstream through areas of unexplored primary rainforest in comparison to the now sadly exploited secondary forest which is downstream from Iquitos.

Muyuna Lodge is located up the Amazon River, very far from Iquitos. This is a small rainforest lodge, secluded, intimate, that GUARANTEES the observation of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, caimans, etc., in their own habitat.

The bungalows are comfortable. They have en suite bathrooms and terraces facing the river. As the lodge is small, the personalized service quality is comparable with luxury hotels, always maintaining respect to the environment.

Muyuna maintains a tight relationship with San Juan de Yanayacu village, which benefits from ecotourism in the zone.

Thanks to the remoteness of the lodge, in Muyuna we GUARANTEE observation of birds, monkeys, sloth, dolphins, fish, caimans, butterflies, etc. in their natural habitat.

The ten lakes that are around Muyuna also have black water, making easier the fishing and a bird watching excursion, as it is the food base for the ecological chain.

Being located in a small tributary of the Amazon, where there is only one entry, there is no presence of fishing boats, or lumber, not many tourists (mostly only going to MUYUNA).

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