Ambua Lodge

Ambua Lodge

Tari, Papua New Guinea

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A favored destination among birders, Ambua’s rain forests have been the star of many a wildlife documentary. An incredible 217 species have been recorded here and Ambua is home to 13 different species of Bird of Paradise. Ambua employs knowledgeable local birding guides and caters for all interest levels, from early morning birding excursions for guests on more culturally orientated tours, keen to catch a glimpse of these spectacular birds; to fully specialized birding tours tailored to the seasoned enthusiast.

Ambua is surrounded by pristine, mid-montane jungle, a mass of interlocking tree tops, shades of green spattered with occasional splashes of color from high altitude orchids and rhododendrons. Well kept nature trails venture out into this wilderness, crossing traditional vine bridges, tracing clear mountain streams to secluded waterfalls.

Guests are accommodated in thirty round houses, set amongst landscaped gardens and built almost exclusively from natural materials. Each unit features 180 degree picture windows to soak in the view, en-suite bathrooms.

Guests can also be accommodated in our two story block of 18 modern hotel rooms. Electric blankets and continental quilts for the cool highland evenings.

Ambua has 24 hour, eco-friendly electricity, provided by its own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream. The main lodge building houses the bar, dining and lounge areas and a cozy central fireplace.

Ambua Lodge


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Species List - English

  1. Greater Lophorina 1km
  2. Blue Bird-of-paradise 1km
  3. King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise 2-10km
  4. Raggiana Bird-of-paradise 2-10km
  5. Ribbon-tailed Astrapia 2-10km
  6. Lawes’s Parotia 2-10km
  7. Pale-billed Sicklebill 2-10km
  8. Crested Satinbird 2-10km
  9. Loria’s Satinbird 2-10km
  10. Princess Stephanie’s Astrapia 2-10km
  11. Black Sicklebill 2-10km
  12. Rufous-naped Bellbird 2-10km
  13. Blue-faced Parrotfinch 2-10km
  14. Spotted Jewel-babbler 2-10km
  15. Red-breasted Pygmy Parrot 2-10km
  16. Goldie’s Lorikeet 2-10km
  17. Archbold’s Nightjar 1km
  18. Brown Sicklebill 2-10km
  19. Mountain Kingfisher 2-10km
  20. Short-tailed Paradigalla 2-10km
  21. Lesser Ground Robin 2-10km
  22. Chestnut Forest Rail 2-10km
  23. Brehm’s Tiger Parrot 2-10km
  24. Blue-capped Ifrit 2-10km
  25. Wattled Ploughbill 2-10km
  26. Macgregor’s Bowerbird 2-10km
  27. Papuan Grassbird 2-10km
  28. Speckled Dasyure 2-10km
  29. Hercules Moth 1km
  30. Jade Hawkmoth 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Lophorina superba 1km
  2. Paradisaea rudolphi 1km
  3. Pteridophora alberti 2-10km
  4. Paradisaea raggiana 2-10km
  5. 2-10km
  6. Parotia lawesii 2-10km
  7. Drepanornis bruijnii 2-10km
  8. Cnemophilus macgregorii 2-10km
  9. Cnemophilus macgregorii 2-10km
  10. Astrapia stephaniae 2-10km
  11. Epimachus fastosus 2-10km
  12. Aleadryas rufinucha 2-10km
  13. Erythrura trichroa 2-10km
  14. Ptilorrhoa leucosticta 2-10km
  15. Micropsitta bruijnii 2-10km
  16. Psitteuteles goldiei 2-10km
  17. Eurostopodus archboldi 1km
  18. Epimachus meyeri 2-10km
  19. Syma megarhyncha 2-10km
  20. Paradigalla brevicauda 2-10km
  21. Amalocichla incerta 2-10km
  22. Rallicula rubra 2-10km
  23. Psittacella brehmii 2-10km
  24. 2-10km
  25. Eulacestoma nigropectus 2-10km
  26. Amblyornis macgregoriae 2-10km
  27. Cincloramphus macrurus 2-10km
  28. Neophascogale lorentzii 2-10km
  29. Coscinocera hercules 1km
  30. Daphnis hypothous 1km

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