Arasaki Crane Centre

Arasaki Crane Observation Centre

Arasaki, Kyushu-Japan

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The guesthouse is situated right in the heart of cranes wintering grounds and flocks of these delightful birds are all around.The first cranes arrive in Arasaki in early October and the numbers increase to a peak of about 12,000 during late December and January. During February and March they start to depart and return back to their breeding areas in Russia, China and easternmost Mongolia.

Each winter, between 10,000 and 12,000 cranes of four species gather on the coastal reclaimed land of Arasaki village.
The majority of these are Hooded Cranes followed by several hundred beautiful White-naped Cranes and then a few Sarus and Common Cranes. More unusual but seen every couple of years are the small Demoiselle Crane and the tall white Siberian Crane.

Cranes started to arrive in Arasaki around 1700, a few decades after the reclamation project in Arasaki. The area was registered as a natural monument and sanctuary and one of the Japan’s largest wintering places for cranes in 1921, and the Izumi crane migration grounds were designated as a Special Natural Monument in 1952.
The total area of the site is about 254 ha and you can enjoy a 360 panoramic view from the crane observation center. The migration of cranes used to be seen in several

places in Kyushu, but currently Arasaki is the only place where cranes come to spend the winter with up to 12,000 birds here every year.

These birds are truly a spectacle to see and and can be observed right outside the guesthouse or viewed from from the observation tower at the crane centre next door. As well as the cranes there are thousands of waterfowl to look through and with luck you may find the attractive Baikal Teal.

The fields and bushes can hold pipits, larks, buntings and thrushes while nearby rivers host Crested Kingfisher, Long-billed Plover and sometimes in winter the rare Scaly-sided Merganser.

Stay with us and witness the spectacle of thousands of cranes.

Arasaki Crane Observation Centre


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Species List - English

  1. White-naped Crane 1km
  2. Hooded Crane 1km
  3. Common Crane 1km
  4. Black-faced Spoonbill 1km
  5. Ruddy-breasted Crake 1km
  6. Eastern Spot-billed Duck 1km
  7. Daurian Jackdaw 1km
  8. Crested Kingfisher 1km
  9. Green Pheasant 1km
  10. Sandhill Crane 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Grus vipio 1km
  2. Grus monacha 1km
  3. Grus grus 1km
  4. Platalea minor 1km
  5. Porzana fusca 1km
  6. Anas zonorhyncha 1km
  7. Coloeus dauuricus 1km
  8. Megaceryle lugubris 1km
  9. Phasianus versicolor 1km
  10. Grus canadensis 1km

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