Hotel Pedro dos Ventos

Hotel Pedra dos Ventos Resort

Quixada, Brazil

Hotel Hotel / Inn


Comfort and tranquility of the mountain, adventure and relaxation in various activities. Diversification is the differential of the Wind Stone Resort. Located in Juatama, 18 km from Quixadá in Ceará state, in the northeast of Brazil, the project provides the perfect interaction with nature.

Built on an farme with a area of 122 hectares, the Resort has 4 lakes with fish released for visitors, a cave and 4 marked trails with increasing degrees of difficulty, a treat for lovers of ecotourism. In periods of rain, guests still enjoy swimming in natural pools (See many other leisure activities).

The restaurant has a varied menu including international cuisine and delicious regional cuisine. It has a structure designed to accommodate up to 120 people with a beautiful panoramic view of the interior as well as a conditioned space. All juices are made from the fruits of the season and also has a varied wine list.

Hotel Pedra dos Ventos Resort


Single Rooms
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Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Swimming Pool
Mobile Phone Coverage

Naturalist / Guide

Near National Park / Reserve
(less than 50km)
Near Pond or Lake


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Restaurant / Dining

Species List - English

  1. Pygmy Nightjar 11-50km
  2. Ruby-topaz Hummingbird 11-50km
  3. Slender Antbird 11-50km
  4. Narrow-billed Antwren 11-50km
  5. Bahia Spinetail 11-50km
  6. Sapphire-spangled Emerald 11-50km
  7. Bahia Tyrannulet 11-50km
  8. White-browed Guan 11-50km
  9. White-naped Jay 11-50km
  10. Ochre-backed Woodpecker 11-50km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Caprimulgus hirundinaceus 11-50km
  2. Chrysolampis mosquitus 11-50km
  3. Rhopornis ardesiacus 11-50km
  4. Formicivora iheringi 11-50km
  5. Synallaxis whitneyi 11-50km
  6. Amazilia lactea 11-50km
  7. Phylloscartes beckeri 11-50km
  8. Penelope jacucaca 11-50km
  9. Cyanocorax cyanopogon 11-50km
  10. Celeus ochraceus 11-50km

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