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Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

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Kondor EcoLodge offers an unique place as a base to stay to discover the special Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies, other invertebrates & Wildflowers, botanical and other natural values of the “Hungarian Puszta” or flat grassland. We are at the Westernmost edge of the Eurasian Steppe with unique flora and fauna. Our traditional thatched-roofed houses offer en-suite, comfy rooms with wooden interior, while our atmospheric restaurant serves home-made food, and the wine cellar & the bar is the source of various local and award-winner wines.

Photographic Hides & more

We use fixed and portable professional hides at various areas, some in or nearby at our own bird-rich Kondor EcoLodge garden. From these many hides you atre able to get close and photograph species such as European Roller, Bee-eater, Red-footed Falcon from a tower, Rd-backed and Lesser Grey Shrike, Spotted Crake, Little Owl, Hoopoe, White-tailed and Imperial Eagles and much more.
Our garden at Kondor EcoLodge and the surrounding parts of the Kiskunsag National Park is full with Wildlife Photography possibilities.

There are various other sites as well to visit at different parts of the Kiskunsag National Park each with unique habitats and thus different species as well. Some of the mammal species that can be seen and photographed at

and around Kondor EcoLodge, Kiskunsag National Park, Hungary during a year include Souslik or European Ground Squirrel, Golden Jackal, Red Squirrel, Roe Deer, Brown Hare, Eastern European Hedgehog and Weasel.

Other species that can be found a bit further away include Wildboar, Eversman’s Polecat, Badger, Otter, some years even Beaver, Wildcat and Lynx.

There are of course many more opportunities to see and photograph, butterflies, dragonflies, orchids, other flowers, moths and other insects. Kondor Eco Lodge offers the full wildlife experience.

Wildlife & Photography Centre Kiskunság National Park


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Species List - English

  1. Great Bustard 2-10km
  2. Saker Falcon 1km
  3. Eastern Imperial Eagle 1km
  4. European Roller 1km
  5. Red-footed Falcon 1km
  6. European Bee-eater 1km
  7. Moustached Warbler 2-10km
  8. Syrian Woodpecker 1km
  9. Black Woodpecker 1km
  10. Pygmy Cormorant 2-10km
  11. White-tailed Eagle 11-50km
  12. Grey-headed woodpecker 1km
  13. Europeanj Suslik 1km
  14. Golden Jackal 2-10km
  15. Hungarianj Meadow Viper 1km
  16. European Green Lizard 1km
  17. Eurasian Scops Owl 1km
  18. Montagu’s Harrier 1km
  19. Lesser Grey Shrike 1km
  20. Eurasian Penduline Tit 2-10km
  21. River Warbler 2-10km
  22. Little Bittern 2-10km
  23. Baillon’s Crake 2-10km
  24. Spotted Crake 2-10km
  25. Ural Owl 11-50km
  26. Hawfinch 1km
  27. Freyer’s Purple Emperor 11-50km
  28. Large White-faced Darter 2-10km
  29. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 1km
  30. Early Marsh Orchid 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Otis tarda 2-10km
  2. Falco cherrug 1km
  3. Aquila heliaca 1km
  4. Coracias garrulus 1km
  5. Falco vespertinus 1km
  6. Merops apiaster 1km
  7. Acrocephalus melanopogon 2-10km
  8. Dendrocopos syriacus 1km
  9. Dryocopus martius 1km
  10. Microcarbo pygmaeus 2-10km
  11. Haliaeetus albicilla 11-50km
  12. Picus canus 1km
  13. spermophilus citellus 1km
  14. Canis aureus 2-10km
  15. Vipera ursinii rakosiensis 1km
  16. Lacerta viridis 1km
  17. Otus scops 1km
  18. Circus pygargus 1km
  19. Lanius minor 1km
  20. Remiz pendulinus 2-10km
  21. Locustella fluviatilis 2-10km
  22. Ixobrychus minutus 2-10km
  23. Porzana pusilla 2-10km
  24. Porzana porzana 2-10km
  25. Strix uralensis 11-50km
  26. Coccothraustes coccothraustes 1km
  27. Apatura metis 11-50km
  28. Leucorrhinia pectoralis 2-10km
  29. Dryobates minor 1km
  30. Dactylorhiza incarnata 2-10km

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