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Marrick Safari Lodge

Kimberley area, South Africa

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Nestled in 3000 hectares of unspoilt savannah thornveld close to Kimberley, Marrick Safari can be found. Vast expanses of space and silence provide endless opportunities for returning to nature. Guided 4×4 game drives are hugely rewarding with large herds of indigenous antelope to be viewed in their natural habitat. Join the early morning drive and enjoy a delicious buffet style breakfast in the bush. The area is well known amongst bird lovers and a wide variety of bird life, including birds endemic to the area, can be spotted here. Sunsets at Marrick are magical and there is nothing more relaxing after a hot day in the bush than sipping an ice cold drink next to the pan. Enjoy dinnertime around an open fire while chatting to friends and other guests before retiring to your luxurious cottage for a good night’s rest.The cottages are all fully equipped for self-catering purposes. Meals can be catered for on request. Our bush camp is the perfect choice for guests wanting secluded accommodation away from it all and close to nature. Visit Marrick Safari for friendly African farm hospitality in the unspoilt Bushveld of the Northern Cape.

Trevor took sole possession of the farm 15 years ago and since then he, together with his wife Hubre, has been working towards establishing a world-class eco-tourism operation focusing on the provision of home-style service and accommodation which offers diverse eco-tourism activities within an unparalleled, unspoiled natural environment.

It must be said that, while there is still a way to go yet, he is getting close to achieving this goal.

The property itself sustains a range of ecosystems, from African savannah land to rocky hillscapes to thicker thorny bushveld. There is even an ephemeral wet landscape, which in the future will become a permanent feature once plans for the provision of year-round water are completed.

Peace Tranquility in a nature Enthusiast's Paradise


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Species List - English

  1. Black-footed Cat 1km
  2. Aardvark 1km
  3. Aardwolf 1km
  4. Double-banded Courser 1km
  5. Sable Antelope 1km
  6. Roan Antelope 1km
  7. Hartebeest 1km
  8. Bat-eared Fox 1km
  9. Smith’s Red Rock Hare 1km
  10. Southern African Spring-hare 1km
  11. Zorilla 1km
  12. Blue Crane 1km
  13. Greater Kudu 1km
  14. African Wildcat 1km
  15. Giraffe 1km
  16. Impala 1km
  17. Steenbok 1km
  18. Common Dwarf Mongoose 1km
  19. Nyala 1km
  20. Gemsbok 1km
  21. Waterbuck 1km
  22. African Fish Eagle 1km
  23. Greater Flamingo 1km
  24. Lesser Flamingo 1km
  25. South African Shelduck 1km
  26. Mountain Reedbuck 1km
  27. African Buffalo 1km
  28. Scrub Hare 1km
  29. Common Ostrich 1km
  30. Black-faced Waxbill 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Felis nigripes 1km
  2. Orycteropus afer 1km
  3. Proteles cristata 1km
  4. Rhinoptilus africanus 1km
  5. Hippotragus niger 1km
  6. Hippotragus equinus 1km
  7. Alcelaphus buselaphus caama 1km
  8. Otocyon megalotis 1km
  9. Pronolagus rupestris 1km
  10. Pedetes capensis 1km
  11. Ictonyx striatus 1km
  12. Grus paradisea 1km
  13. Tragelaphus strepsiceros 1km
  14. Felis lybica 1km
  15. Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa 1km
  16. Aepyceros melampus 1km
  17. Raphicerus campestris 1km
  18. Helogale parvula 1km
  19. Tragelaphus angasii 1km
  20. Oryx gazella 1km
  21. Kobus ellipsiprymnus 1km
  22. Haliaeetus vocifer 1km
  23. Phoenicopterus roseus 1km
  24. Phoeniconaias minor 1km
  25. Tadorna cana 1km
  26. Redunca fulvorufula 1km
  27. Syncerus caffer 1km
  28. Lepus saxatilis 1km
  29. Struthio camelus 1km
  30. Estrilda erythronotos 1km

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