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Ol Tukai Lodge

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Lodge Lodge


After an afternoon game drive, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a special cocktail drink as the sun sets across the plains. Noomotio, the table-topped observation hill is the perfect spot to enjoy hot and cold canapés and refreshing cocktails while you watch the African sky streak red, gold and purple, as the sun melts into the horizon and the game of Amboseli settle for the night.

Lunch is served out on the veranda and on most occasions elephants, zebra and buffalo can be spotted metres away from the fence. The restaurant serves al a carte menus as well as set buffets. Theme nights are held throughout the week and include barbecues and Swahili fish menus. In addition the kitchen has an in house vegetarian and Indian cuisine chef. For any special needs please speak to the chef, who will be more than happy to cater for your particular taste.

A magical African experience that leads to a discreet Maasai setting amongst night lanterns and fresh bush clearings made by the herd of elephants nearby.

Only a short walk away from the lodge experience a specially prepared candle lit, four course meal.
The menu offers barbequed meat. Under the stars watch the Maasai Moran warriors dance and sing their battle songs around a bonfire.

Ol Tukai Lodge


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Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Swimming Pool
Air Conditioning
Mosquito Nets

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Species List - English

  1. African Wild Dog 2-10km
  2. African Leopard 2-10km
  3. African Lion 2-10km
  4. African Bush Elephant 2-10km
  5. African Cheetah 2-10km
  6. African Buffalo 2-10km
  7. Lesser Kudu 2-10km
  8. Burchell’s Zebra 2-10km
  9. Masai Giraffe 2-10km
  10. Banded Mongoose 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Lycaon pictus 2-10km
  2. Panthera pardus pardus 2-10km
  3. Panthera leo 2-10km
  4. Loxodonta africana 2-10km
  5. Acinonyx jubatus jubatus 2-10km
  6. Syncerus caffer 2-10km
  7. Tragelaphus imberbis 2-10km
  8. Equus burchellii 2-10km
  9. Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi 2-10km
  10. Mungos mungo 2-10km

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