Pousada Pousa Alegre

Pousada Pouso Alegre

Lagoa do Peixe National Park , Brazil

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Come relax and enjoy a lot of comfort and convenience at the Hotel Pousada Pouso Alegre, in Mostardas. The place is located between Lagoa dos Patos and the Atlantic Ocean, with excellent infrastructure for your well-being and rest. Next to the Pousada, we have the Restaurant of the Azores with varied menu (seafood, steaks and much more). Make your reservation right away and come and enjoy our family atmosphere!

We are located at Avenida Padre Simão, 1030, in the center of Mostardas, 13 km from the sea and 25 km from Lagoa dos Patos. Among the tourist spots are: Lagoa do Peixe National Park, which is on the route of migratory birds, Historic Center, lighthouses, Lagoa dos Patos, among other places for you to enjoy!

The difference of the Hotel Pousada Pouso Alegre is that we have the Açores Restaurant next to our facilities. With that, gastronomy is also one of the highlights of the place. Our colonial style breakfast is served from 7 am, offering delicious freshly baked breads and cakes produced daily at the Hotel, as well as juices, seasonal fruits and yogurt. During the evening, you can enjoy a delicious dinner served in our restaurant, which features seafood, steaks, salads and several options on the menu.

Pousada Pouso Alegre


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Species List - English

  1. Ringed Teal 2-10km
  2. Curve-billed Reedhaunter 2-10km
  3. Rosy-billed Pochard 2-10km
  4. Rufous-chested Dotterel 2-10km
  5. Bay-capped Wren-spinetail 2-10km
  6. Cabot’s Tern 2-10km
  7. Many-colored Rush Tyrant 2-10km
  8. Rufous-sided Crake 2-10km
  9. Chilean Flamingo 2-10km
  10. Coscoroba Swan 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Callonetta leucophrys 2-10km
  2. Limnornis curvirostris 2-10km
  3. Netta peposaca 2-10km
  4. Charadrius modestus 2-10km
  5. Spartonoica maluroides 2-10km
  6. Thalasseus acuflavidus 2-10km
  7. Tachuris rubrigastra 2-10km
  8. Laterallus melanophaius 2-10km
  9. Phoenicopterus chilensis 2-10km
  10. Coscoroba coscoroba 2-10km

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