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Puembo Birding Gardens

Quito Area, Ecuador

Hotel Hotel / Inn


A hotel thought out for birders, nature lovers and people seeking peace and tranquility. Good home made cooking, ran by English speaking (birdwatcher) owner. Close to most major birding hot spots in the North of Ecuador. Twenty minutes away from the new Quito Airport. Extra services available such as birding guides, flora guides, expert drivers with 4×4 vehicles, shuttle to / from airport. We serve special diets. Grounds surrounded by flowering gardens, well kept humming and banana feeders. Custom made meals, custom made itineraries so you can book your trip directly.

Puembo Birding Garden is a small 8 double room hotel. Private facilities, hot water, open varanda dinning and social area.
Large 4 acre garden and a small compact garden. Laundry service available: US$10 any size load.
Quiet residential street.
Twenty minute drive from new Quito Airport.
40 species of birds right from our grounds.

Our conservation efforts:

Conservation projects at Mashpi Rainforest área as is a Choco forest, exiting only in Panama, Colombia and the southern most part in Ecuador. This forest is going to be cut very soon, reason why we need to purchase land and protect not only the birds and mammals of this rich forest but its inhabitants.

Small comfortable eight double room hotel for birders & nature lovers.


Single Rooms
Double Rooms


Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Laundry Service Available
Mobile Phone Coverage
Non Smoking
Wheelchair Friendly

Naturalist / Guide

Resident Guide
Guide can be arranged
Guided Walks
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Reference Books
Sightings Book / Board


Private Trails
Nearby Trails
Within accommodation grounds
or up to 1 mile away


Restaurant / Dining
Picnic / Lunch Boxes
Shop / Store

Species List - English

  1. Giant Hummingbird 1km
  2. Black-tailed Trainbearer 1km
  3. Scrub Tanager 1km
  4. Blue-and-yellow Tanager 1km
  5. Western Emerald 1km
  6. White-bellied Woodstar 1km
  7. Golden-rumped Euphonia 1km
  8. Cinereous Conebill 1km
  9. Rusty Flowerpiercer 1km
  10. Vermilion Flycatcher 1km
  11. Crimson-mantled Woodpecker 1km
  12. Vermilion Flycatcher 1km
  13. Blue-and-white Swallow 1km
  14. Croaking Ground Dove 1km
  15. Saffron Finch 1km
  16. Sparkling Violetear 1km
  17. Golden Grosbeak 1km
  18. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird 1km
  19. Tropical Mockingbird 1km
  20. White-tipped Swift 1km
  21. Brown-chested Martin 1km
  22. Shiny Cowbird 1km
  23. Great Thrush 1km
  24. Hooded Siskin 1km
  25. Rufous-collared Sparrow 1km
  26. Eared Dove 1km
  27. Splitleaf Slipperwort 1km
  28. Weeping Bottlebrush 1km
  29. Common Ground Dove 1km
  30. Yellow-bellied Elaenia 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Patagona gigas 1km
  2. Lesbia victoriae 1km
  3. Tangara vitriolina 1km
  4. Thraupis bonariensis 1km
  5. Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus 1km
  6. Chaetocercus mulsant 1km
  7. Euphonia cyanocephala 1km
  8. Conirostrum cinereum 1km
  9. Diglossa sittoides 1km
  10. Pyrocephalus rubinus 1km
  11. Colaptes rivolii 1km
  12. Pyrocephalus obscurus 1km
  13. Notiochelidon cyanoleuca 1km
  14. Columbina cruziana 1km
  15. Sicalis flaveola 1km
  16. Colibri coruscans 1km
  17. Pheucticus chrysogaster 1km
  18. Amazilia tzacatl 1km
  19. Mimus gilvus 1km
  20. Aeronautes montivagus 1km
  21. Progne tapera 1km
  22. Molothrus bonariensis 1km
  23. Turdus fuscater 1km
  24. Spinus magellanicus 1km
  25. Zonotrichia capensis 1km
  26. Zenaida auriculata 1km
  27. Calceolaria tripartita 1km
  28. Callistemon viminalis 1km
  29. Columbina passerina 1km
  30. Elaenia flavogaster 1km

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