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Ria Maya Restaurant & Lodge

Yucatan, Mexico

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​​​Ria Maya Restaurant and Lodge is located just feet from the water. It is the home of Rio Lagartos Adventures. Diego Nuñez and this wife Matilde

Diego Nuñez is an experienced and trained bird guide, naturalist and avid fly fisherman who pioneered eco-tourism in Rio Lagartos more than 25 years ago when he established his family business (since 1995). He now works with his sons Diego and Jorge and his daughter Andrea who are who are very experienced doing the Nature and Flamingo Lovers Tours and are qualified for the boat birding tours.

Diego trains all his guides and they experienced and licensed. Diego jr is an experienced fly fishing guide. Diego’s wife Matildé runs the restaurant “Ria Maya Restaurante” and Ria Maya Lodge with help from Andrea and Diego. We are the only Rio Lagartos restaurant just feet from the water with no road or obstructions to our more than 180 degree view!!

Ria Maya Restaurant & Lodge


Single Rooms
Double Rooms


Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Mobile Phone Coverage

Naturalist / Guide

Guided Walks
Boat Trips
Near National Park / Reserve
(less than 50km)
Near the Ocean


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Species List - English

  1. Yucatan Nightjar 11-50km
  2. Yucatan Flycatcher 11-50km
  3. Yucatan Bobwhite 11-50km
  4. Yucatan Woodpecker 11-50km
  5. Yucatan Vireo 11-50km
  6. Rose-throated Tanager 11-50km
  7. Yucatan Jay 11-50km
  8. Ocellated Turkey 11-50km
  9. Mexican Sheartail 11-50km
  10. Orange Oriole 11-50km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Antrostomus badius 11-50km
  2. Myiarchus yucatanensis 11-50km
  3. Colinus nigrogularis 11-50km
  4. Melanerpes pygmaeus 11-50km
  5. Vireo magister 11-50km
  6. Piranga roseogularis 11-50km
  7. Cyanocorax yucatanicus 11-50km
  8. Meleagris ocellata 11-50km
  9. Doricha eliza 11-50km
  10. Icterus auratus 11-50km

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