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Matsalu National Park, Estonia

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Tuulingu Guest House is located in the Matsalu National Park and is perfect lodging location for birdwatching. In the same property, 70 meters from Guest House is another accommodation Tuulingu Holiday House with self gatering Tuulingu Guest House have 4 twin rooms and 1 room with double bed and 2 single beds. All rooms have private baths and central heating.Facebook:David Lindo, The Urban Birder visited on 5 October 2017 and he says -“I don’t often wax lyrical about accommodation for birders on Facebook but………If you ever visit Estonia for birding you must stay at Tuulingu Holiday Guest House run by Ants Ale and his wife. Great B&B and hospitality.Superbly located on the northern shores of Matsalu Bay in western Estonia we’ve seen thousands of Barnacle Geese and Cranes, 100’s of Bewick’s Swans, Bean Geese, Pintail, Wigeon, Goldeneye, Teal and Scaup every day from their watch tower.The gardens host tit flocks including Marsh Tit along with migrants like Common Redstart, Chiffchaff and Yellow-browed Warbler.

If you are fond of seaside places with a tender breeze, coastal meadows, sea birds and the sun that sets behind the cape and you wish to have a rest at such an idyllic place – well, you have opened the right page. Come and visit Matsalu National Park, where unique coastal meadows open to the sea have preserved up to now. In Haeska which is on the migration route of tens of thousands of birds you can observe the birds’ activities during their migration, nesting and preparation for migration to the south in autumn. The meadows are taken

care of by Highland cattle, sheep and dairy cattle. This place is known among the birdwatchers as European master – right here birdwatchers have seen the greatest number of different species in 24 hours.

Fantastic place!!” check this article –

Tuulingu Guest House


Double Rooms


24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Laundry Service Available
Mobile Phone Coverage
Non Smoking

Naturalist / Guide

Guide can be arranged
Near Migration Hotspot
In National Park / Reserve
Near the Ocean
Observation Tower
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Species List - English

  1. White-tailed Eagle 2-10km
  2. Western Capercaillie 2-10km
  3. Hazel Grouse 2-10km
  4. Eurasian Lynx 11-50km
  5. Eurasian Elk 2-10km
  6. Ural Owl 2-10km
  7. Taiga Bean Goose 2-10km
  8. Lesser White-fronted Goose 2-10km
  9. Red-breasted Goose 2-10km
  10. Common Crane 2-10km
  11. Northern Hawk-owl 2-10km
  12. Long-eared Owl 2-10km
  13. White-backed Woodpecker 2-10km
  14. Whooper Swan 2-10km
  15. Black Woodpecker 2-10km
  16. Grey-headed Woodpecker 2-10km
  17. Red-footed Falcon 2-10km
  18. Blyth’s Reed Warbler 2-10km
  19. Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker 2-10km
  20. Middle Spotted Woodpecker 2-10km
  21. Red-throated Pipit 2-10km
  22. Rough-legged Buzzard 2-10km
  23. Pine Grosbeak 2-10km
  24. Black Stork 2-10km
  25. Golden Eagle 2-10km
  26. Bearded Reedling 2-10km
  27. Red-breasted Flycatcher 2-10km
  28. Willow Tit 2-10km
  29. Yellowhammer 2-10km
  30. Icterine Warbler 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Haliaeetus albicilla 2-10km
  2. Tetrao urogallus 2-10km
  3. Tetrastes bonasia 2-10km
  4. Lynx lynx 11-50km
  5. Alces alces 2-10km
  6. Strix uralensis 2-10km
  7. Anser fabalis 2-10km
  8. Anser erythropus 2-10km
  9. Branta ruficollis 2-10km
  10. Grus grus 2-10km
  11. Surnia ulula 2-10km
  12. Asio otus 2-10km
  13. Dendrocopos leucotos 2-10km
  14. Cygnus cygnus 2-10km
  15. Dryocopus martius 2-10km
  16. Picus canus 2-10km
  17. Falco vespertinus 2-10km
  18. Acrocephalus dumetorum 2-10km
  19. Picoides tridactylus 2-10km
  20. Dendrocoptes medius 2-10km
  21. Anthus cervinus 2-10km
  22. Buteo lagopus 2-10km
  23. Pinicola enucleator 2-10km
  24. Ciconia nigra 2-10km
  25. Aquila chrysaetos 2-10km
  26. Panurus biarmicus 2-10km
  27. Ficedula parva 2-10km
  28. Poecile montanus 2-10km
  29. Emberiza citrinella 2-10km
  30. Hippolais icterina 2-10km

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