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Nestled in the Andean foothills, perched between the mountains and the lowlands, Villa Carmen Biological Station offers birdwatchers the opportunity to see a Blue-headed Macaw, Hairy-crested Antbird, Rufous-capped Nunlet, and charismatic Hoatzin, plus many Bamboo specialist which are now sadly becoming more difficult to find elsewhere.

The 7,600-acre property is located in the buffer zone of Manu National Park, and boasts over 25 miles of trails spanning a wide variety of habitats, including old-growth rainforest, lower montane forest, secondary forest, bamboo, streams, rivers and waterfalls.

The station also neighbors several indigenous Wachiperi and Machiguenga communities as well as the Haramba Queros Wachiperi Conservation Concession, established with assistance from Amazon Conservation as the first conservation concession in Peru run by an indigenous community. As part of your itinerary, we can book tours to the Santa Rosa de Huacaria or Queros Wachiperi indigenous communities.

At Villa Carmen, six brand new cabins with floor-to-ceiling screened windows await you. Each cabin features comfortable beds (your choice of single or double) with mosquito nets, two Adirondack chairs, a luggage and clothes rack, and a luxurious private bathroom. A brand new dining room, lounge, and bar welcome you for meals and provide comfortable seating for reviewing your lists at the end of the day.

We have local guides that can show the special birds such as Amazonian Antpitta, currently being fed worms, plus we have a fabulous photographic/viewing blind that allows close encounter which several Tinamous including the rare Black-capped. Our pond has countless Hoatzin and even Sungrebe, and we are forever working to improve the wildlife opportunities so that Villa Carmen is the number 1 place to stay in the Manu,

Villa Carmen Birding Lodge


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Private Trails
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Species List - English

  1. Amazonian Antpitta 1km
  2. Bamboo Antshrike 1km
  3. White-cheeked Tody-Flycatcher 1km
  4. Goeldi’s Antbird 1km
  5. Razor-billed Curassow 1km
  6. Rufous-headed Woodpecker 1km
  7. Hoatzin 1km
  8. Fine-barred Piculet 1km
  9. Rufous-capped Nunlet 1km
  10. Band-bellied Owl 1km
  11. Great Potoo 1km
  12. Bluish-fronted Jacamar 1km
  13. Blue-headed Macaw 2-10km
  14. Manu Antbird 1km
  15. Plain Softtail 1km
  16. Andean Cock-of-the-rock 11-50km
  17. Fiery-capped Manakin 1km
  18. Dusky-green Oropendola 2-10km
  19. Three-striped Night Monkey 1km
  20. Black-eared Brushfinch 1km
  21. Black-capped Tinamou 1km
  22. Starred Wood Quail 1km
  23. Dark-billed Cuckoo 1km
  24. Casqued Oropendola 2-10km
  25. Buckley’s Forest Falcon 1km
  26. Rufous-sided Crake 1km
  27. Yungas Manakin 1km
  28. Ash-throated Gnateater 1km
  29. Hairy-crested Antbird 1km
  30. Rufous-tailed Flatbill 1km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Hylopezus berlepsch 1km
  2. Cymbilaimus sanctaemariae 1km
  3. Poecilotriccus albifacies 1km
  4. Akletos goeldii 1km
  5. Mitu tuberosum 1km
  6. Celeus spectabilis 1km
  7. Opisthocomus hoazin 1km
  8. Picumnus subtilis 1km
  9. Nonnula ruficapilla 1km
  10. Pulsatrix melanota 1km
  11. Nyctibius grandis 1km
  12. Galbula cyanescens 1km
  13. Primolius couloni 2-10km
  14. Cercomacra manu 1km
  15. Thripophaga fusciceps 1km
  16. Rupicola peruvianus 11-50km
  17. Machaeropterus pyrocephalus 1km
  18. Psarocolius atrovirens 2-10km
  19. Aotus trivirgatus 1km
  20. Atlapetes melanolaemus 1km
  21. Crypturellus atrocapillus 1km
  22. Odontophorus stellatus 1km
  23. Coccyzus melacoryphus 1km
  24. Cacicus oseryi 2-10km
  25. Micrastur buckleyi 1km
  26. Laterallus melanophaius 1km
  27. Chiroxiphia boliviana 1km
  28. Conopophaga peruviana 1km
  29. Rhegmatorhina melanosticta 1km
  30. Ramphotrigon ruficauda 1km

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