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Just 3.5 hours northeast of Cusco—via a spectacular drive through the snow-capped Andes—Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station is one of the world’s best sites to explore the lush cloud forest ecosystem bordering Manu National Park. Situated where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the Amazon lowlands, the cloud forest absorbs moisture from passing clouds and is often blanketed in mist and fog. The constant supply of moisture allows a remarkable diversity of plants to grow here, which in turn supports thriving populations of birds, amphibians, and mammals.

The 1,400-acre property serves as a protective buffer for Manu National Park, located immediately across the road. At Wayqecha, explore over nine miles of trails and see where the Andean grasslands transition into lush cloud forests and montane forests below. Winding through elfin forest, you can have close encounters with tanager flocks, maybe sighting a Grass Green or Golden-collared. Listen for the endemic but fairly common Red-and-white Antpitta, or a Marcapata Spinetail. Maybe catch sight of the recently seen Orange-breasted Falcon.

The elevation at Wayqecha is 9,880 feet, lower than the 11,500 feet in Cusco.

At Wayqecha, six freshly renovated cabins offer the perfect view to watch the clouds roll across the Andes. Each cabin features comfortable beds (your choice of single or double), a table and chair, a luggage and clothes rack, and its own private bathroom with hot showers. A brand new dining room, lounge and bar welcome you for meals and provide comfortable seating for reviewing your lists at the end of the day.
Max occupancy 18 (3 per cabin), minimum stay 1 night.

Children must be accompanied by their parent(s) but are welcome throughout Wayqecha. Children under age 13 are eligible for a discounted stay.

Limited internet is available in the dining hall during evening hours. Smoking is prohibited indoors.

Wayqecha is not handicap accessible; paths include steps fashioned from a variety of materials including loose gravel, cement, or dirt. Physical limitations should be considered when contemplating hikes or other excursions.

Meals include local, fresh Peruvian cooking, with some ingredients grown on site in the kitchen garden.

Wayqecha is located approximately 3.5 hours by road from Cusco. The road is paved for the first two hours of the journey, and the remainder is a winding dirt road. The picturesque drive passes through grasslands, several Andean communities, cultural sites, and the town of Paucartambo where you can buy fresh-made bread and fruits from area farmers.

Wayqecha Lodge - protecting the Peruvian Rainforest


Single Rooms
Double Rooms


Private Facilities
24hr – Electricity
Hot & Cold Water
Mosquito Nets
Non Smoking

Naturalist / Guide

Guide can be arranged
Night Walks / Drives
Near National Park / Reserve
(less than 50km)
Butterfly Garden
Reference Books
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Private Trails
Within accommodation grounds
or up to 1 mile away


Restaurant / Dining

Species List - English

  1. Red-and-white Antpitta 1km
  2. Golden-collared Tanager 1km
  3. Rufous-capped Thornbill 1km
  4. Marcapata Spinetail 1km
  5. Band-tailed Fruiteater 1km
  6. Yungas Pygmy Owl 1km
  7. Andean Potoo 1km
  8. Violet-throated Starfrontlet 1km
  9. Grey-breasted Mountain Toucan 1km
  10. Andean Cock-of-the-Rock 11-50km
  11. White-collared jay 1km
  12. Chestnut-bellied Mountain Tanager 1km
  13. Inca Flycatcher 2-10km
  14. Plushcap 2-10km
  15. Rust-and-yellow Tanager 1km
  16. Golden-headed Quetzal 2-10km
  17. Blue-banded Toucanet 2-10km
  18. Jameson’s Snipe 2-10km
  19. Tit-like Dacnis 2-10km
  20. White-browed Conebill 2-10km
  21. Slaty Tanager 2-10km
  22. Barred Antthrush 2-10km
  23. White-throated Screech Owl 2-10km
  24. Black-and-chestnut Eagle 1km
  25. Puna Thistletail 2-10km
  26. Creamy-crested Spinetail 2-10km
  27. Stripe-faced Wood Quail 2-10km
  28. Parodi’s Hemispingus 2-10km
  29. Black Tinamou 2-10km
  30. Versicolored Barbet 2-10km

Species List - Scientific

  1. Grallaria erythroleuca 1km
  2. Iridosornis jelskii 1km
  3. Chalcostigma ruficeps 1km
  4. Cranioleuca marcapatae 1km
  5. Pipreola intermedia 1km
  6. Glaucidium bolivianum 1km
  7. Nyctibius maculosus 1km
  8. Coeligena violifer 1km
  9. Andigena hypoglauca 1km
  10. Rupicola peruvianus 11-50km
  11. Cyanolyca viridicyanus 1km
  12. Delothraupis castaneoventris 1km
  13. Leptopogon taczanowskii 2-10km
  14. Catamblyrhynchus diadema 2-10km
  15. Thlypopsis ruficeps 1km
  16. Pharomachrus auriceps 2-10km
  17. Aulacorhynchus coeruleicinctis 2-10km
  18. Gallinago jamesoni 2-10km
  19. Xenodacnis parina 2-10km
  20. Conirostrum ferrugineiventre 2-10km
  21. Creurgops dentatus 2-10km
  22. Chamaeza mollissima 2-10km
  23. Megascops albogularis 2-10km
  24. Spizaetus isidori 1km
  25. Asthenes helleri 2-10km
  26. Cranioleuca albicapilla 2-10km
  27. Odontophorus balliviani 2-10km
  28. Hemispingus parodii 2-10km
  29. Tinamus osgoodi 2-10km
  30. Eubucco versicolo 2-10km

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