You are currently viewing Bellavista Cloud Forest – a nature lovers and birdwatchers dream
Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge

Bellavista Cloud Forest – a nature lovers and birdwatchers dream

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We have visited Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge many times over the years and for birdwatchers and naturalists visiting Ecuador this is a must stay destination. Designed and built by Richard the owner this wonderful rustic lodge fits beautifully into the surrounding cloud forest. We say rustic but this is elegant rustic with a lot of character and charm.

There are a variety of rooms available ranging from the four new superior rooms that offer a first class experience with lots of space and large beds. Then there is the bamboo rooms that are half timber and half bamboo and although the lighting is a little dull these rooms are full of character. Bellavista also offer a research facility and even camping for the budget minded, although why anyone would not want to enjoy the elegance of staying in one of their rooms I don’t know.

The restaurant serves up delicious thoughtfully made food and caters for all types of dietary restrictions. We can not fault the meals and the wonderful staff who prepare and serve these up.

The friendly atmosphere and delightful surroundings have made Bellavista famous world over.

And then there’s the wildlife. With many trails within the private cloud forest reserve it is easy to be overwhelmed with nature. Hummingbird feeders play host to many species that can easy occupy several hours of observation without even realizing it. It can be mesmerising watching the comings and goings of tiny Booted Racket-tails, Shining Sunbeams and Collared Incas. Flocks of birds often pass through the car park and include many specialities such as Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan and Toucan Barbet, while other species like Masked Trogon seem almost tame.

It would be easy to spend all your time around the lodge without moving moving more than 100 metres and  never be bored of seeing new things. Of course there are many excellent sites just a short walk or drive from the lodge and this would boost your list no end. Banana feeders put out at night night near the restaurant have in the last few years attracted several mammals including Tayra, Kinkajou and a new species to science the Olinguito. If you stay here for a few nights which of course you should then your chances to see one or all of these is pretty good.

Bellavista offers organised tours, day trips and have excellent guides to help find those target species you always wanted to see.

Well run and situated in a prime location high up in the cloud forest this lodge prides itself as offering great wildlife; great accommodation, great food and great memories!


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