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Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge

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There are few wildlife lodges in the world that have gained such notoriety as Asa Wright. For decades naturalists and birdwatchers have been staying here and enjoying the natural delights of Trinidad. Set up in 1967 as a “not-for-profit” it now protects part of the Arima Valley and all its wildlife.

Very focused on conservation and education the centre is an eco-tourism success and offers accommodation not only for tourism but also researchers.

Within the grounds are comfortable cottages while the main house offers a couple of rooms that are handicapped accessible. The food is of a high quality with breakfast, lunches and dinner all served in the large colonial dining room. Coffee, afternoon tea and of course the famous Rum Punch make your stay feel very relaxing.

The main focus is always on the famous veranda where you can enjoy a sunrise coffee or afternoon tea or even sunset rum punch. Its here that you can watch a multitude of hummingbirds and tanagers coming to the feeders and posing for photographs.

Trails on the grounds take you to singing Bearded Bellbirds and displaying Manakins, while excursions organised through the centre will introduce you to the bizarre Oilbird, flocks of Scarlet Ibis or even the endemic Trinidad Piping-Guan.

Birdwatching and nature tours are led by resident guides who are experts on Trinidad’s wildlife knowledgeable on many subjects. If you want they can take you on a night walk to look for any interesting nocturnal species. Although the centre is a great place to relax and spend time on the veranda or trails, we would suggest that several of the day trips should be taken in order to fully appreciate what this tropical island has to offer.

Having visited the Asa Wright Nature Centre several years ago, we can definitely say that this should be on every travelling naturalist’s wish list and somewhere we would readily return.


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