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Puembo Birding Garden, Quito Area, Ecuador

Top 10 Species

1Giant HummingbirdPatagona gigasAll Year1km
2Black-tailed TrainbearerLesbia victoriaeAll Year1km
3Scrub TanagerTangara vitriolinaAll Year1km
4Blue-and-yellow TanagerThraupis bonariensisAll Year1km
5Western EmeraldChlorostilbon melanorhynchusAll Year1km
6White-bellied WoodstarChaetocercus mulsantAll Year1km
7Golden-rumped EuphoniaEuphonia cyanocephalaAll Year1km
8Cinereous ConebillConirostrum cinereumAll Year1km
9Rusty FlowerpiercerDiglossa sittoidesAll Year1km
10Vermilion FlycatcherPyrocephalus rubinusAll Year1km

Small comfortable eight double room hotel

A hotel thought out for birders, nature lovers and people seeking peace and tranquility. Good home made cooking, ran by English speaking (birdwatcher) owner. Close to most major birding hot spots in the North of Ecuador. Twenty minutes away from the new Quito Airport. Extra services available such as birding guides, flora guides, expert drivers with 4x4 vehicles, shuttle to / from airport. We serve special diets. Grounds surrounded by flowering gardens, well kept humming and banana feeders. Custom made meals, custom made itineraries so you can book your trip directly.

Puembo Birding Garden is a small 8 doublé room hotel.
private facilities, hot wáter,
open varanda dinning and social área
large 4 acre garden and a small compact garden
laundry service available: US$10 any size load
Quiet residencial Street
Twenty minute drive from new Quito Airport
40 species of birds right from our grounds

Our conservation efforts:
Conservation projects at Mashpi Rainforest área as is a Choco forest, exiting only in Panama, Colombia and the southern most part in Ecuador. This forest is going to be cut very soon, reason why we need to purchase land and protect not only the birds and mammals of this rich forest but its inhabitants.

Take a look at our video here http://youtu.be/2zF8wajlZQY

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